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Cupcake Making


For the hen who wants to have her cake and eat it, a cupcake making workshopis ideal –we offer enough fun with buns to satisfy even the most cake-crazy bride-to-be! These crafty classes offer a change from the usual hen do fare and serve up something scrumptiously different instead. So, if you want something a little bit different to do on your hen weekend, something classy and creative, then this sweet activity will be just right for you. A cupcake making hen party will be great fun, providing something that all your guests can enjoy. Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like cake? 

The sessions can be held in a variety of different locations, so you can choose where you’d like to hold your cupcake class. When you arrive, you’ll have a drink and then your workshop leaders will show you how it’s done. Then, you’ll put on your aprons and get to work. The cupcakes are pre-baked to fluffy perfection – all you have to do is decorate them with style...or just pipe and sprinkle away to your heart’s content, it really doesn’t matter. Cupcake making classes are fun and light-hearted, and no one’s taking it too seriously. You’ll be provided with everything you need – six cupcakes each, bun cases, aprons, pens and paper to plan out your designs, a box to take them home in after, and a selection of buttercream fillings and sprinkles to top your marvellous muffins. 

You and your guests can have a laugh while you get to grips with piping and filling your buns. Then you can sprinkle them with hearts and flowers before standing back to admire your handiwork. Your buns and fillings will come in different flavours (chocolate, vanilla etc.) and you can pair them perfectly or just mix it up. There is usually an element of competition about the classes, but everyone’s there for a few giggles and some tasty treats. So don’t worry if you’re not a domestic goddess or too hot with a wooden spoon, you’ll still walk away with six delicious cakes and you’ll all have a few giggles along the way. You’ll each get a certificate to prove what star bakers you all were and then you can box up your cupcakes to take home...or simply eat them! 

A cupcake making workshop is the perfect activity to inject some foodie fun and get everyone relaxed and ready for the rest of your party.

So cupcake is officially not boring at all! Will recommend, great customer service
I am the worst baker in the world so wasn't looking forward to the cupcake making. No skill set required! The tutor explained everything and I made some half decent creations! Was actually really fun!
Loved this activity, will definitely do again

Helpful Information

  • Where will my cupcake making workshop take place?
    We use a variety of kitchens, cafés, hotels, and private bars across the UK. When you get in touch with us, we will find a venue that’s suitable for you.

  • How many people can attend?
    There is not a minimum or maximum number of people that can attend. Contact us about this.

  • How long is a cupcake class?
    We are very relaxed in terms of timing and refuse to rush you out of the door. Most classes last around 2 hours.

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