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Macaron Making


For the bride-to-be with a sweet tooth and a love of good food, a macaron making workshop is as good as it gets. But this unusual culinary activity is also perfect for any hens who want something unique and different on their hen do. It’s packed full of tasty treats and allows you all to have a go at creating something you’d never normally get the chance to. 

So, what is a macaron? Macarons are sweet miniature meringues filled with buttercream or jam. This tasty treat hails from France, where they know how to appreciate the finer things in life, and is a dainty confectionary that’s fast becoming popular in the UK. These delicate halves of meringue are made with egg white, icing sugar, sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food colouring. These little sweets then press together around the filling of choice to make a meringue sandwich. They are delicious, awfully cute and come in a variety of flavours. 

If you didn’t know what a macaron was but quite like the sound of it, you can find out everything you want to know at the class. Our trained patisserie can answer all your questions and tell you the background of these miniature cakes and teach you how they are made. If you’re already familiar with the macaron but fancy having a go at making your own, this macaron making class will be fun and will help you to become a top class macaron maker! 

We can provide the venue for you, all you need to do is turn up and get ready to get your hen party macaron making class on. You can try out different flavours and get tips on what goes best with what. Choose from caramel, grapefruit, pistachio, lemon mascarpone and white chocolate and raspberry, and try buttercream, jam or any other suggested fillings to make something different and memorable. 

Our macaron making workshops for hen parties are three hour sessions, so you’ll have plenty of time to relax with a drink and have a laugh over your efforts, take some photos and compare your sweet treats amongst yourselves. You can take your macarons home with you after the class to share with your friends and family, but we can guarantee many of you won’t be able to resist those little delights and will scoff them before you’ve even left the venue. You’ll each receive a certificate to prove you undertook the challenge, even if there’s no evidence of the macarons themselves left!

Great way to start a hen weekend!
All of us loved this activity, great value and felt really classy
Would never have thought of mixing Macaroons and hen parties! Fun, relaxing and an activity for all ages.
Want to do this again! Thanks for the experience

Helpful Information

  • What venues do you use for this hen party activity?
    We tend to hire kitchens that have enough space for over 25 hens that also have an area to prepare your mixes.

  • What are you prices for a macaron making session?
    Our prices are not based per person and we tend to have set rate. However, some areas may change. Please contact us for a quote.

  • Someone in the group is allergic to nuts, can they still come?
    Yes they can, we try and cater for everyone. There are lots of nut-free macaron recipes, however please inform us before you are attending on the day.

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