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Pizza Making


Whether you know your stuffed crust and deep pan from your and thin and crispy, or just know you like pepperoni on it, a pizza making hen party workshop will be loads of fun for your hen do. Everyone likes pizza, and it doesn’t matter if you fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver or just like eating it, this unique hen weekend activity will have everyone in touch with their inner Italian. 

The great thing about pizza, except for how scrummy it is, is that there are so many possible toppings and variations, there really is something for everyone. If you book a pizza making workshop for your hen party you’re guaranteed to have all your guests involved in the activity and loving it. 

The workshop will be led by a trained professional who’ll tell you about the history of pizza and where it originates, all the way through to modern pizzas and how they’re made today. You can ask any burning questions you might have and get some great tips on how to make your own pizza at home. Then you’ll watch a demonstration before putting on your aprons and getting creative with peppers and pineapple. 

Don’t worry if you’re not the domestic goddess type, this is a fun hen do activity and no matter what your pizza turns out like you’ll have a good giggle and get to take home your efforts after the class. Alternatively, if all this tomato spreading and cheese sprinkling has made you too hungry, you can always just eat your Italian delight, you’ll still receive a certificate to prove you took part! 

We can arrange a great venue for your pizza making class. All our venues are specially chosen for the activity in hand and for pizza making we have the right places to deal with dough and get creative with toppings. You can choose between a restaurant environment or a professional kitchen one, it’s up to you. Both are suitable for pizza making, it just depends what you’d prefer. 

So bring your cameras, ladies, because when you book a hen party pizza making class there’s going to be a lot of laughs. You might learn a new skill and pick up some industry insider tips on making your own, but one things for sure, you’ll have fun. It might be messy, but it will certainly be tasty!

Brilliant Class for a hen do. Not something I've done before but we all had a great time thanks Entertain-ment.
Sarah porter
I can make standard pizza at home... However I cannot have a laugh a minute instructor, bubbly and all my friends in one room at the same time at home. Loved it.
We loved this, pizza making is a perfect start to line the stomach for the evening :)
Thanks! Loved the pizza making! Would so do this again!

Helpful Information

  • What time does a pizza making class take place?
    We do not have set time. We fit our plans around your hen do weekend. Contact us with your timings.

  • Can we choose the ingredients for the day?
    Yes you can, we are flexible and we can request some specifics if you may require them.

  • What do we need to bring?
    If you have any last minute ideas please bring them along. If not then we have everything you need just make sure you come to have some fun.

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