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Pole Dancing Hen Do


Pole dancing has well and truly branched out of the strip club and into the fitness arena. But the really great thing about it is, pole dancing straddles both worlds, if you’ll pardon the pun! Pole dancing has become a very popular way to keep fit, but it’s also sexy and loads of fun to try. 

For this reason pole dancing for a hen do is an excellent choice for your weekend of activities. You can have loads of laughs learning a new sexy skill and you can keep fit at the same time! 

Your hen party pole dancing class will last around two hours. You’ll start with some basic dos and don’ts, no one wants any accidents on the hen weekend, and then your tutor will show you how it’s done. You might not get your leg up there to hold on like your tutor does, or you could even be a natural, but either way you’ll soon find that there’s a knack to mastering these moves and once she’s let you in on her secrets you’ll be pole dancing like the best stripper in town! 

Classes take place at a pole dancing club, where poles are a plenty. Your group will be split up into two or three people per pole where your tutor will be on hand to take you through your moves. You’ll be taught the basics before moving onto more complex positions. You’ll be taught how to do the Crucifix Climb, which you should all end up being expert at, and if you feel like you’ve really tapped into your inner pole princess, you can move and have a go at the Air Invert. 

Most hens like to arrange this activity for the afternoon to really get the party started and have you all in the mood for some serious sexy fun. It’s also a great ice breaker for any guests who don’t know each other. It’s hard to stay shy with your leg up around a pole and by the end of the class you’ll all know each other a little better and you’ll certainly feel more at ease! 

Don’t worry if you’re not all that fit, no one’s expecting you to be a gymnast. Pole dancing a hen party classes are all about having fun and trying something new. You’ll each walk away with a certificate to prove you completed the class and are now a star pole dancer...or you at least gave it a good go!

If you don't reckon you are fit enough to get up that pole you are so wrong! Get those thighs ready, I loved it and so will you!!!
I had no idea pole dancing was this fun! Glass of bubbly on arrival, an instructor who was amazing and put us all at ease, all wishes granted, thanks Entertain-ment, will recommend.
No way am I the skinniest or most supple of girl, but pole dancing is now on my list of exercises to take up! Loved every moment.
Has an amazing time in bath for the pole dance class

Helpful Information

  • What Do I Wear?
    Typical wear for pole dancing classes is shorts or a short skirt and a vest or T-shirt. If you don't fancy shorts, jogging bottoms which can be rolled up just above the knee are also fine to start with. Fitness gear, dance clothing and/or clubwear are never out of place in a pole dancing class, so do bring what's best for you, whether you want to dress up or just be comfortable. We don't recommend leggings, jeans or tights etc as these will prevent good technique.

  • What Not To Wear
    To avoid injury to yourself and damage to the poles, please don't apply moisturisers, lotions, tan products etc before class. These may be removed prior to the class if applied in the morning. They make the poles slippery, and pole tricks 10 times more difficult! Jewellery such as watches, bracelets, rings and ankle chains should be removed, and if applicable, belly piercings may be covered with a plaster to be on the safe side.

  • Do I Need To Bring Anything Else?
    A bottle of water is recommended.

  • Do I Have To Wear Heels?
    Heels are optional. They make the steps and turns easier, and give a bit more 'wiggle', but it is fine to dance in flat shoes (pumps, trainers etc) if you prefer. Flat shoes will be required for the Warm Up and Cool Down.

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