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Pole Dancing Hen Night Manchester


Do you need upper body strength for pole dancing in Manchester? 

If you’ve ever watched pole dancers at work you might have marvelled at how they get themselves into those crazy positions on that pole. They’ve got to be strong, right? They’ve got to be fit and they must have amazing upper body strength to hold onto that pole and do their thing. While all of this is true, they are professionals and you are just there for some light-hearted fun and to try something new. No one is expecting you to turn up and be Manchester’s number one champion pole dancer. So don’t worry about that upper body strength. All you need to worry about is your sense of fun and your willingness to have a go and have a good time. Something Manchester is famous for, so we doubt you’ll need to worry about that either! What happens during a pole dancing workshop? 

Pole dancing workshops are tutored by professional, experienced dancers who know how to handle their poles. These girls are going to teach you how to do some basic moves and get a taste of what it’s like to be a pole dancer. Your group will be split into smaller groups with each tutor typically taking 2 or 3 of you to each pole. This gives you all a chance to have a go and it means your tutor can give you her full attention. She’ll show you how it’s done and then she’ll help you to do it too. Your tutor will be there to support and encourage you while you mount the pole and swing yourself around. Don’t worry if you’re not very good at it, everyone’s there to have fun and the important thing is that you all have a good time.

Couldn't have been better. Everything was so well planned. Thank you.
The amount of effort Entertain-ment put in to organising our weekend was obvious from how smoothly and well it all went. Thank you for great times x
No faffing about whatsoever with you! We were booked and gone in 2 weeks!! So easy!! Will be using you again very soon.
Hen and all the girls had the best time and were really impressed with the pole dancing and the cupcake making.

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