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Pole Dancing Hen Night York


How long is a pole dancing class in York? 

Your pole dancing class in York will last around two hours. Depending on the size of your party this can change, but as a general rule of thumb two hours gives each of you a chance to have a go on the pole after watching your tutor give a demonstration. York is a popular city with hens, and you’ll find there’s lots to do, especially at night. Most hens choose to have their pole dancing class in the afternoon for this reason. You’re likely to have some spare time in the day and a couple of hours on the poles will get you all revved up for a fun night out in this amazing Yorkshire city. But don’t worry, that isn’t two hours with your legs in the air wrapped around a pole! Your class will include the demonstration first, plus breaks for refreshments – pole dancing is thirsty work- and with two or three people per pole you each need to have a go. What are the benefits of pole dancing for hen parties? 

Hens just want to have fun, right? Brides-to-be and their group of friends want to let their hair down and have a wild time, while trying new things and having fun. A pole dancing lesson just about covers all of that. It’s fun, it’s unusual and you’ll certainly let your hair down and get a bit wild. You can’t exactly avoid it when you’re hanging off a pole and swinging yourself around! But a pole dancing lesson does have other benefits you might not have instantly thought of. Pole dancing is a great way to get fit and it’s become popular as part of a fitness regime in the last few years. For anyone who hasn’t tried it before, this is a great opportunity to discover a new way of keeping in shape. It’s also a good ice breaker for any hens who’ve never met before – you can’t be shy with your legs in the air!

What more could I have wanted for my sister on her big night out than to see her smile as much as she did. Wonderful, loved it. Thank you.
Nowhere offered me as good a service as you did in the booking of the weekend. I had every questioned answered really quickly and felt as though a lot of attention was being placed on every small demand we gave you! Thank you, naturally will recommend.
Pole dancing is such an amazing activity, not one of us came out saying that it wasn't enjoyable! Thank you!
I think York is a fab city for any hen do. Loved the life drawing and the pole dancing was a lovely touch. Your service was second to none. Thank you.

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