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Tantric Massage


Want to give your hen a very special gift for her hen do? If you’ve noticed your hen has been a bit stressed lately and you’re worried she’s wearing herself out with the wedding preparations, why not book her a soothing gift to relax her in ways she didn’t even know were possible? 

Why not try tantric massage on a hen weekend, it’s more than just a massage, it’s the most sensual experience you can have to totally re-energise your whole body. This intimate massage will have your hen in touch with her own body once again and ready for the night of her life with her new husband. A tantric massage is a combination of certain massage techniques designed to intensify your sexuality, along with tender, gentle stroking. The massage isn’t about crossing any lines or being sleazy, it’s more about re-connecting with your own body and feeling your feminine sexiness again. Weddings are stressful times and it’s easy to get so lost in the whirl of it all that you forget about your own relaxation. Your hen will be needing all her energy for her wedding night and this unique massage can help to centre her again and make her feel sensual and sexy. 

A hen night massage usually lasts about an hour and is performed by an experienced hunky male masseur. This activity is usually bought as a special gift for the hen, but if you all want in on the action you can either take it in turns or you can book more than one masseur. We will arrive at your hotel or home, or alternatively we can arrange a suitable venue for you. 

A tantric masseur knows exactly how to perform this exclusive massage to have you feeling like you’ve never felt before. He is experienced and professional and has trained in his art. Your masseur knows the right pressure points on your body and where you’re most likely to be stressed. He knows how to relax your muscles and will feel any specific tensions you have. He will also use lightness of touch to gently stroke your skin and make you feel like your body is silk. This technique is beneficial for body and mind. It can boost your confidence and send your hen’s feelings of self-worth through the roof. Relaxation is just a touch away, and with a tantric hen party massage, she will be energised and feeling in touch with her own body and her own sexiness.

This was amazing, girly weekend started off with this massage, tantric to me always meant something a bit dirty but the massage was nothing like it! Felt like a goddess, thank you Entertain-ment.
Desperately trying to find someone in my area who can give me this massage again, OMG.............

Helpful Information

  • What venue do you use for tantric massage hen parties?
    If you do not wish to have our masseur come to you we will book your own private spa centre. We use venues across the UK that are recommended within the industry.

  • How long is it?
    There is no set time frame, but we recommend around 1 - 2 hours per person to get the experience. The more time the better feel.

  • Who will be the masseur?
    We will send you pictures of the guy in your area for you to select. Guaranteed to be happy with the service of our massages for hen parties.

  • What you can’t do?
    There is no sexual activity, no touching the masseur and no nakedness.

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