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Wine & Champagne Tasting


Everybody knows that a hen party isn’t a hen party without a few drinks being involved. Hens are out for a good time and most of your guests are going to want a drink or two. But if you’re looking for something that’s a little more sophisticated and classy while still getting everyone in the party mood with a glass of bubbly, a hen party wine tasting session or a champagne tasting party is just the thing. 

Wine and champagne sessions are a great idea for those hens who like the finer things in life. If your hen’s the kind of girl who likes a touch of luxury, she’s going to love this. We do champagne tasting for hen parties too. 

A Wine tasting hen party class isn’t about getting drunk, it’s about learning to appreciate the differences between different types of wines and champagne. You’ll find out how wine and champagne are made, the various regions they’re made in and how this makes them different. You’ll also learn some of the history of wine and champagne making and then you’ll be shown and told how to taste. Tasting is an art form and you’ll find there’s much more to it than you might think. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, your workshop leader will be on hand to help you and answer any questions you have. And that will be a treat in itself, as we carefully select good looking, sophisticated male representatives, dressed immaculately for the occasion, to take your session and accompany your group. But don’t worry if you don’t have much of a palate, you can still enjoy the experience even if you can’t tell your Chablis from your Chardonnay. 

Wine and Champagne tasting for a hen party is a fun activity for those who want something more refined, but we still very much keep the focus on having a good time. There’ll be a champagne quiz to find out how much you’ve learned and a blind tasting experience, guaranteed to raise a few laughs. 

You’ll be able to create your own champagne drink and you’ll each receive a certificate as a memento of your day. If you fancy hosting your own wine and champagne tasting hen party in your own home, we can arrange a waiter, in various attire, to attend you. Or why not add in a few extras like cheese tasting or chocolate tasting to really indulge the senses!

Can't go wrong, we actually learnt something as well as having a lovely time! The teacher was really patient with us :)
Such a great kick off to my hen weekend!
Yum! I swear we drank so much more wine than we paid for! Not our fault, the tutor encouraged us way too much!

Helpful Information

  • Is wine tasting a snobby event?
    Nope, not at all. It can be considered to be upper-class by many, however we are not. The focus of a wine tasting session for hen parties is to have fun and taste different beverages.

  • How many hens can attend?
    We do not have a minimum or maximum amount of people that can attend. Please contact us with prices for your area.

  • Where do the sessions take place?
    Our wine and champagne tasting sessions are held in the luxury hotels & bars across the UK. The venues we use are recommended within the industry.

  • Can you come to our house instead?
    Yes, of course we can! You inform us of your location and will come to you at no extra costs.

  • What do you wear?
    This is completely up to you as an individual, but most people tend to wear something extra special to match this sophisticated activity.

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