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You don't have to hire a stripper to get an eyeful on your stag night. Perhaps your bride-to-be has told you that you're not allowed a stripper, or perhaps you just don't feel like paying for the full show; either way, you'll be pleased to know that there is another option.

And the name of that option is topless waitresses! Our sexy, semi-nude serving girls will come to your house and wait on you hand and foot while you and the lads gear up for the best night ever.

Here are some of the things a topless waitress can do for you:
  • When the boys first arrive at your house, get your topless waitress to answer the door and give the lads a surprise!

  • Finished your beer? Don't get up - let your waitress get another one for you!

  • A lad's night in can be a pretty messy affair, but this time, you don't have to tidy the house when the party's over. Just head to the clubs and leave your waitress to clean up!
Our topless waitresses are friendly, sexy, and eager to please. Oh, and since they're technically not strippers - they do keep some of their clothes on - this is the perfect loophole for anyone whose fiancée has specifically forbidden the presence of strippers at the stag do!

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