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Hair of the Dog isn't always the answer but these hit the spot and will pick up back up after a crazy hen weekend in Glasgow.

2. Juice Garden

Drinking on a Sunday not your thing maybe a good detox drink? A great spot for fresh food and beautiful juices to cleanse your body after a hen do.

3. Indian Spa 

How about a detox spa afternoon with yoga and meditation this will sort your sore head out after your hen weekend in Glasgow. 

Its not a stag do without a good bar crawl so can make it a bar crawl to remember with a beer wench bar crawl babe.We have only the best beer maids in the uk who love to have fun and show you a good time.

So what do they do? 

1.They show you around the city. Plan a pub crawl of only the best bars full of fun.

2.Get the Beers in for the lads

3. Drinking Game ideas, challenges and forests for your Stag group.

4. Make Memories by taking photos of your stag party and posing for them.


So What makes a good female tribute performer

1. building a good image
2. Great singing vocals similar to singer 
3. Amazing costumes you can't do a Madonna tribute without the purple leotard your wouldn't make a good aim tribute without the big beehive. 
4. Strong positive women what else
5. You most know all the lyrics to all the singers songs