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So its your best friends stag night and you have all decided on a night out in london. One of the most sort after party destinations in the UK.  You have all the basic logistics sorted. Hotel/ accommodation. You have decided what  are of london your heading could be BRIXTON, CHELSEA, CLAPHAM, COVENT GARDEN,SOHO, ELEPHANT AND CASTLE, SHOREDITCH. OR KENSINGTON. Now it's a case of planning some activities. Unless you plan to just head out and go with the flow. We highly recommend planning somethings to make the stag party really enjoyable for the stag and group. 

May i say, A stag do wouldn't be a stag do with out a traditional female stripper to come and entertain your group and put on a strip show for the stag.  The female strippers in london we use can perform pretty much anywhere. You simply choose the location or ask us we might be able to help suggest a few bars depending on the area of london you're going. Karaoke bars tend to be a popular choice or any bar with a function room you could always ask the owner/ manager prior. Some bars will require a deposit. 

So what comes next May I ask? So you have now got a suitable place for the stripper to perform. You need to decide on a time that works well for you. Are you going for food or have any activities planned. Are you going on a day bar crawl and want the female stripper to attend super early? What ever time it might be we can accommodate. We tend to get most bookings between the hours of 6pm - 11pm weekends. If this is the time frame you were thinking of we highly suggest you contact us with plenty of notice if you want to  book a certain stripper. 

Once you have the location and time sorted. You can pick a sexy costume for the female stripper to wear. We have some great choices and can even accommodate special costume requests. Some of the unique requests could be star wars leia, a football team kit. You name it we have had it. Then you have your traditional costumes these are normally police officer stripper, french maid stripper, Teacher stripper, Miss whip lash stripper.  

Now Once you have confirmed all the relevant details with our bookings team. You of course will have a dedicated bookings manager. On the day of your booking we get the female stripper to send you a quick text just so you are both in contact. We are also contactable via email or call. She will then of course contact you when outside you can either meet her or get her to come in. She can come dressed or change at the location depending on the venue/location you have booked. 

So the show I bet you're wondering what to expect. All strip shows for stag parties are 15 - 20 minutes in duration. This is the perfect duration for you all to be wowed. 

The stripper can also do role play prior. Let's say the stag has had a lot of parking fines in london. The female stripper would come dressed as a police woman and arrest the stag with handcuffs for parking fines. You might have a few other ideas or suggestions this is up to you. She will then work her magic. The strip show will of course be performed to music. If your in a bar then the stripper will bring along a portable usb stick and portable speaker just in case. If the bar can play her music via usb great if not she can use her portable speaker. These  portable bluetooth speakers tend to be just as good these days. If you have any song requests we suggest letting the stripper know when you are in contact with her earlier that's day so she can work her routine around this. 

The show will consist of the stag being places on a chair. She can of course use props on the stag depending on house messy you would like it to get. If your going to a nice restaurant afterwards we wouldn't recommend this. If your all in fancy dress and the stag is tinker bell I'm pretty sure your up for anything so why not go all out. The stripper will perform a sexy yet fun and humiliating show for the group and stag. A few props the female strippers bring could be baby oil, whipped cream, wax, whip, belt, banana plus many others. Remember each girl has a different approach and show style.

So Once you have all been amazed, impressed and faces hurting with laugher. Our lovely lady can stay longer and offer some private dances for the gents who might want a private show of their own. Or she can get back dressed in to her costume and pose for some photos with your group which can be saved to remember the night for Years to come. Or the next morning if you're super wasted. 

We hope this explains the process and service a little better for you now its time to getting booking. If your not ready to book yet but still have questions. Contact us we are happy to help. 

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