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So you want to know what men get up to at stag parties? In this guest blog post, the lads from StagStuff.co.uk reveal all...

Perhaps you're worried about what your future hubby will be doing on his last night as an unmarried man; on the other hand, perhaps you're said hubby, and you want to know what you're in for. Either way, you're curious about stag parties and what they entail, and we're more than qualified to tell all. If you're ready to learn the unvarnished truth, step right this way and get ready for a serious eye-opener!

  • There might be strippers. Let's pull off this plaster right away: yes, stag night strippers are a thing. You can even book one right now if you're so inclined. If you're determined to keep your night (or your fiancé's night) nudity-free, have a heart-to-heart with the best man and let him know that, whatever else he might organise, you absolutely don't want any strippers.

  • Saucy stag night fun doesn't stop with strippers. If you are ruling strippers out of the stag party proceedings, you may also want to explicitly forbid topless waitresses, pole dancers, mud wrestlers and beer wenches. None of them are strippers, technically speaking, but none of them will exactly be dressed like nuns, either.

  • Embarrassment? Par for the course. If you're the dashing bridegroom in this hypothetical stag night we're sketching out, you may want to brace yourself for some blushes. Humiliation is often considered to be a key element of a successful bachelor party, and more often than not, the man of the hour will be the prime target. We can't tell you exactly what to expect, but we can give you some common examples: think overweight strippers, dwarfs with handcuffs, and forced cross-dressing.

  • There are other options. There's no rulebook for stag nights, and just because all the other grooms-to-be are handcuffing themselves to strangers and watching women undress, there's nothing to say that you have to do the same. A stag do can be whatever you make of it, and if the usual fare isn't for you, there are plenty of other options - why not spend the day learning about beer or making your own aftershave?
If you don't feel like a stag night expert yet, head over to the StagStuff website for additional ideas, inspiration, and harbingers of bachelor party doom!
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