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Vip Entry Card


You’ve got a big night out planned and the last thing you want to do is queue for the club. Never fear – we have just what you need! With a VIP entry card, you can jump the queues and fast track your way into all the best clubs in town. 

A VIP entry card is perfect for those party animals who are new to the city they’re partying in. It might be that you’re on a stag or hen do; it could be a special birthday; or it may be your Christmas party. Whatever the occasion, a VIP entry card will make your night run more smoothly and take all the hassle out of getting around. 

This little magic card will see you straight into clubs. Just one flash of your special pass and the doormen will welcome you through. You’ll feel like a celebrity for the night and you’ll have everyone in the queue wondering who you are. 

But if you really want to add to the celebrity illusion and feel really special on your big night out, add limo hire into the package. When you step from your snazzy stretch limo and show your VIP card at the door of the club, no one will be any doubt that you are a very important person. 

If you want to add a few laughs and an element of fun to your VIP night, you can hire beer wenches or bunny girls to be at the club waiting for you. These girls will show everyone already inside the club that you truly are special. You’ll be a big hit with those waiting in the queue and those drinking in the club. 

Go on, you deserve it. Choose the VIP entry card alone to get you past the masses and into the club faster, or add in a limo or serving girls to make the night extra special. Or, if you’re a real VIP, book all three. No one will forget your face in a hurry!






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