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Beer Tasting


Beer goes hand-in-hand with stag parties – it’s usually the one ingredient guaranteed to make an appearance. But whether you’re the kind of guy who likes to appreciate fine ales or just the type who wants to quench his thirst, a beer tasting session has something different to offer you. 

Beer tasting is an activity based around the one thing no good stag do can function without. But it offers it in an unusual and more interesting way. You don’t want to just get wasted. You want to appreciate this craft – after all, you’re going to be consuming enough of it. Why not learn to savour it...or at least understand it. Failing that, you will definitely discover more of it! 

Your beer tasting session will be led by an experienced brewer who will take you through the history of brewing, right up to how it’s done today. You’ll learn all about hops and yeast, how it’s made and what the differences in regions and tastes are. 

We arrange the venue for you, so all you need to do is turn up ready for some sampling. You’ll get to taste a range of lagers, beers and real ales and compare amongst yourselves what you think of them and which are your favourites. There’ll be a fun quiz to test your newfound knowledge of your favourite subject! There’s also blind tasting, which causes some good laughs, as you try to distinguish one beer from another using nothing but the power of your taste buds. 

A beer tasting session is a great way to kick-start your stag do, as it’s informal and relaxed and moves at a gentle pace. If you prefer wine, you can book a wine tasting session instead. There you’ll get the same introduction and history, with the chance to sample a variety of wines and blind test your ability to tell cheap plonk from expensive fine wine. And if you want something really top drawer, you can book a champagne tasting session. This one’s for those stags who either like to live the high life, or at least want to know what it tastes like! You’ll toast the stag and then blind taste to see who knows their serious champagne from their sparkling wine. 

These sessions are fun and informative, and involve the key ingredient to your stag do, but in a more refined and relaxed atmosphere. Start your stag do with a beer tasting session and widen your drinking horizons.

Beer tasting was excellent, taught us a thing or two and got us half cut!
Best value ever
Cheers! Instructor gave us a proper teaching on all the finer qualities of beers, but totally understood we were on a stag and just wanted to drink!
Brilliant organisation, thanks again Entertain-ment.

Helpful Information

  • What venues do you use for beer tasting?
    We tend to use bars and pubs, which have just what you need to taste lots of types. We even have beers brewed locally.

  • Can we have a beer tasting session at home?
    Yes you can. We can bring all the equipment and a variety of beers with us. Please contact us for a quote.

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