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Zorb Football


Before things get a little crazy around the bars on your stag night, why not get a little crazy on the football pitch? This insane and hilarious stag party idea is for the boys who always like to try the next big thing in crazy ideas. 

Zorb football is like no other game of football you’ve ever played, and your stags are going to love it. Basically, you are the bubble. You each wear a huge bubble on your upper body, like one large bubble in bubble wrap, and then you attempt to play a game of football. The results are ridiculous! 

You can do everything you’d normally do in a game of football, except it will be that little bit harder. Everything, that is, except heading the ball. We’d like to see you try! With this huge bubble covering everything except your legs, all you can do is run into each other as you try to get the ball. Tackling will be a challenge in itself, and even running around after the ball is going to be harder than you’ve ever experienced before. You’ll be in fits of laughter as you watch your team mates bump into each other and send each other tumbling around on the ground. Because you’re protected by the massive bubble you’re wearing it’s a completely safe activity and there’s very little risk of any sort of injury. 

Have some five-a-side fun with this mental game and get your stag do off to the best possible start. We arrange the pitch for you and we also provide the football equipment. All you need to do is make sure you’re dressed for a game of football and bring some water. A bubble football stag do lasts for around two hours so it’s thirsty work. Once you’re done exerting yourself on the field, there’ll be plenty of time for beers later. 

If this insane stag do activity isn’t enough for you and you want more bubble fun, you can also try mini games such as sumo wrestling, human bowling, king of the ring, free-for-all and bulldog. You can choose to do these other games on their own or in conjunction with zorb football. Whatever you decide to do, it’s time to get your bubble on and get ready for some ridiculous fun. Make it a stag do to remember and get bubbled!

Seen so many videos of Bubble Football then got the chance to do it for real. Just as hilarious as it looks, watching the stag fly through the air was a highlight!
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Entertain-ment managed to get a group of 12 lads on a stag do organised, laughing, worn out and entertained!
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Helpful Information

  • Where does this activity take place?
    Bubble football can be played in either an indoor or outdoor football 5 a side pitch, normally in a gymnasium or on astroturf.

  • How safe is zorb football?
    It’s a very safe sporting activity. The bubble protects you from just above your knees to your neck so your head is popping out. Your hands are safely inside the bubble with two handles to hold onto. We advise wearing knee pads for when you need to get up from the ground.

  • How many players are needed?
    We recommend having 8 players, 4 on each team. However, this is not a requirement – bubble football can be played with more or fewer people.

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