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Fragrance Making


The ladies really do love a man who smells good, and the modern man is well aware of the need to groom himself properly. Today’s men understand how important it is to keep themselves looking good and smelling great. They moisturise and they wax. They choose their clothes carefully and they work out. You can take this idea to another level for your stag do and book one of ourfragrance making classes; your bride will love it when you to tell her what you’ve been up to. 

You’ll be taken through your aftershave making class by a trained perfumer. She’ll explain a little bit about the history of perfume making and how it’s evolved over the years into what we know today. Then she’ll give you a demonstration before you begin to make your own aftershave. You’ll each be given a 5ml glass bottle and there’ll be a wide range of scents for you to choose from. All the ingredients needed for your aftershave making class will be supplied and we’ll also arrange a venue for you. All you and your stags need to do is turn up with an open mind and get ready to create your fragrances. 

You might be thinking that this one’s only for those in touch with their feminine sides, but you don’t have to be a metrosexual to get a lot out of this workshop. Whether you’re as reem as Joey Essex or as rough as Mickey Rourke, our fragrance making classes will have something for you. We can offer you the chance to create something unique; you might already use aftershave, but now you can actually make your own personal scent that no one else has. And if having a signature fragrance is good enough for David Beckham, it’s good enough for you. Or, if this is something you’d never normally consider, then it can open you up to the importance of taking care of yourself and appealing to your lady a little more. She deserves it! 

Everyone taking part gets a certificate, and of course, you get to take your fragrance home with you. This can be a light-hearted and fun interlude in a sometimes crazy stag do. For a little down time amid all the madness and to experience something unique and different, book a fragrance making class for your stag do. And when you hit the town hard later, you’re gonna smell amazing!

I have been wearing the wrong aftershave! If you are put off by this being a bit feminine, don't be, it's interesting and gets everyone talking!
Entertain-ment organised a last minute stag for me and this was one of the activities, was sceptical but the instructor was really good and it was fun, made a change from seeing strippers ( which we did too)

Helpful Information

  • How many people can attend?
    There is no minimum amount of people that can attend, nor even a maximum. Just contact us about how many are attending and we will give you a brilliant price.

  • What venues do you use?
    Our venues tend to be located in city centres. We tend to use hotels but we do also use luxury bars or function rooms.

  • Is fragrance making for hen parties only?
    No! We also recommend this type of activity for a stag do weekend as it really can break up the usual ‘let’s get drunk’ activities during the day time.

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