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Cardiff Limo Hire & Party Bus Stag Do


You want every detail taken care of on your stag do. You don’t want to leave anything to chance, and when it comes to your transport you want to have this sorted out before the event. Apart from needing to get from A to B, the transport element of your stag party can be as much fun as everything else. And a stag party should be fun from beginning to end, don’t you think?

Have you ever thought of hiring a party bus for your stag do? If you book your travel in advance, you’ll know for sure that you can get to where you’re going on time. No waiting around for taxis that turn up late, or not at all. And no trying to hail one down at all hours when they’re already booked. Aside from anything else, all that waiting around for taxis takes up valuable drinking time, and you don’t want to be wasting any of that! Take the hassle out of it and have some fun instead by hiring a stag party bus or limousine. 

You can book a stag party bus or a limo, and they will get you to where you need to be on time. Party bus hire can be brilliant as you take the party with you and simply carry it on while you’re travelling. You can have your favourite tunes playing and take the beers with you on board. You can get everyone singing (or at least shouting) and be as loud as you like. Everyone will know the boys are in town when you arrive in your very own party bus. Alternatively, you can book a limo and turn up like your favourite film stars to your next venue. A limo is suave and will have everyone turning their heads to catch a glimpse of who’s inside. That’ll be you! You can really feel the luxury of this type of travel with a few drinks and loads of leg room. Cruise through the streets chilling in your limo with a drink in your hand, ready for your next dose of serious laughs. 

With either of these travel options, you get the added bonus of knowing everything is sorted out and all you have to do is sit back and let the good times continue. So book a party bus for your stag do and take the hassle out of travel by being chauffeured around. Arrive in style and depart with ease.

Great time and quality 16 seater bus
What an absolute laugh :) thanks guys.
Steven Johnson

Helpful Information

  • What cars/limos can you offer?
    We have a variety of limos, party buses, and – if you’re on a budget – we can arrange a mini bus.

  • Do you cover my city?
    Yes, we are a national agency, so contact us today for a quote in your area.

  • What can you provide in the limo?
    We can supply drinks; what type of drinks should be discussed with our limo driver a few days prior. We can also supply you with more entertainment such as strippers, topless waitresses and stag party hostesses.

  • Where do you drop us off?
    We can drop you into town and even get you into clubs quickly with our special VIP Card. Contact us about this.

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