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You’ve had a tough day, jam-packed with stag activities. You’ve been humiliated by your best man and you know there’s more to come. But let’s not forget that this is your stag party. It’s not all about being the butt of the joke and the source of all your mates’ fun. It’s also about you. 

Here’s how you take back control and make sure you’re getting what you want. Book one of our mobile massages and our masseur will come to you, either at your home or hotel, to make you feel as good as new again. 

Our professional masseurs are gorgeous and will arrive in pairs so that everyone in your group has the chance to feel the benefit of their expertise. They’re good with their hands and they know how to relax you. You can choose from two specially provided massages, but remember boys, this isn’t sleazy and there’s no nudity involved. It is sexy and seductive, but most of all this is a fantastic massage that’ll ease away any remaining stresses and strains you might have. 

So, which treatment would you like? You can choose a deep tissue massage for sore shoulders, a stiff neck and tightness in the lower back. This is where you give over control to your gorgeous masseur, so if you’ve ever fantasised about being dominated by a strong woman who knows what she’s doing, this will give you a good idea of what it’s like. Your masseur will concentrate on those tension areas and release any knotted muscles. You’ll feel like a new man when she’s done with you, and you’ll be ready for anything. 

Alternatively, you can choose a signature treatment (very relaxing) for the fragile ones or those nursing a hangover. This is much gentler, and better for guys who like to be treated with some softness, or who are feeling a little worse for wear. This one might just send you off to sleep if you’re not careful, but never fear, we’re sure your fellow stags won’t let you snooze for long! Whichever you decide to go for, our sexy masseurs will bring with them massage tables and oils and creams so all you have to do is lay back and relax. Sessions last around one hour and you can tailor the experience to suit your group. 

So, for a little time out during your mad stag weekend, do yourselves a favour and book a massage. Once these girls are finished with you, you’ll be ready for anything!

Really professional and the lady was great at her job. The group likes her and great ideas for stag do

Helpful Information

  • What type of massages do you offer?
    We are dedicated to ensuring you receive the right massage for your requirements. Please speak to the therapist on the day or let us know in advance.

  • Will our therapist be male or female?
    Female. We always send nice-looking ladies with great expertise. Our masseurs are fully qualified.

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