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Pole Dancing Stag Do


Have some fun with your stag and watch his face fall when he finds out what’s really in store for him here. If you’re the best man with the difficult task of making sure this is a stag do to remember, and you really want to stitch up your stag, we’ve got a great trick up our sleeve. All you have to say to your stag is that you’ve organised some pole dancing for him. Your stag will be gearing himself up for a few beers while he sits back and watches some sexy girls swinging themselves around a pole. And you’re going to let him believe it. Imagine his face when he finds out what’s really going on! 

Your stag will have no idea that he is the one who’s going to be doing the pole dancing. This is a serious work out and your stag is going to be put through his paces by a professional pole dancer who won’t go easy on him. Everything needed for this class is provided, and we will organise a suitable venue with poles aplenty. Do bring some water though, as your stag is going to find out that pole dancing is thirsty work. 

This is the perfect way to humiliate your groom-to-be as he struggles with his pole positions. He’ll be trying to get a grip and not just slide down like a fireman, and the rest of you will be having a good laugh at his expense. Remember your cameras, lads, because this is going to be one activity you’ll want to capture forever. To show your stag up even more you could bring along a funny outfit, maybe something sexy like women’s underwear or maybe a mankini. 

The rest of you don’t get off that lightly, though; these classes usually have your group split into threes so you can all have a go on the pole. Before you dismiss this as something gorgeous girls do for your entertainment, pole dancing is actually a challenging workout – as you’re about to find out! For men, pole dancing is more about upper body strength than just swinging yourself around, so get ready to feel the burn on your biceps. If you’re really not the workout type, don’t worry; you can still have some fun with this activity. You could always simply have a go, and then have a good laugh as the stag gets the short end of the stick! 

And if the above does not float your boat and you would like to see more action from a pole dancing instructor, how about hiring a pole dancing stripper for your stag party? We can set up a pole in your living room and bring the strip club to your own home.

This was interesting the guys loved it if your up for a laugh give it a shot
dave lewis

Helpful Information

  • What to wear?
    We recommend wearing fancy dress as long as it does not affect your vision or usage of the pole.

  • Where does it take place?
    We use pole dancing studios across the UK. All our venues are city centre-based.

  • Who will be our pole dancing instructor?
    The hottest lady you can imagine. She will take you through several special dancing routines.

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