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Sexy Boot Camp


Right lads, if you think you can handle it, it’s time to be instructed and shown who’s boss by two gorgeous girls. You heard – this is one stag party activity where the ladies are well and truly on top, and they know just how to put you in your place. This is Entertain-Ment’s sexy boot camp for stag parties. 

Your two sexy boot camp leaders will be putting you through your paces and they won’t let you slack for a single minute. Try giving them any lip and these two stunners will show you just how tough they can be by shouting their orders at you and dishing out extra punishment. Best get your heads down and get on with it boys, because these girls mean business! 

These 90 minute sessions consist of a gruelling obstacle course, which will either take place outdoors or indoors depending on the weather. This will be the perfect wake up call for the stag who thought his party was going to be all about relaxing and chilling out. How wrong he was! As the best man, it’s up to you to make sure your stag party boot camp remains fun, so why not organise a fancy dress theme, such as the 118 characters? Make sure everyone wears trainers as they are going to be running, possibly in mud! 

Your two sexy leaders won’t take any prisoners and you won’t be seeing the softer side of these girls. They have a few nasty tricks up their sleeves, but they will look to you as the best man for any special instructions or tasks you think the groom should complete. This is your chance to really give him a stag experience he won’t forget and certainly one he won’t have been expecting! These girls aren’t quite what he hoped for on his stag do and he will be totally dominated by them. They might even bring their whips to keep any unruly members of the party in line, but their bark is bad enough and you’ll all be jumping to command as they give you your orders. 

So, if you think your stag could do with losing a few lbs, or simply being taken down a peg or two, this unusual and hilarious stag party activity is just the thing. Your whole group will have the chance to show everyone what they’re made of...or not! And with two gorgeous, sexy boot camp leaders keeping control of you unruly lot, it’s going to be a day to remember.

Thanks for such a great time. The ladies really enjoyed themselves and so did we.

Helpful Information

  • What girls will attend?
    We will send you some photos of the leaders we have in your area. You can select based on their looks, but please do not be fooled; they're all ex-SAS fighters, so watch out!

  • Where does this take place?
    This depends on the weather conditions. Indoor sessions will be hosted in a gym and outdoor events will be hosted in a field. If you have a particular preference, please let us know.

  • What do I need to bring?
    Please bring a bottle of water to ensure that you remain hydrated. It can be very intense as our leaders take no nonsense.

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