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What do acrobalance acts do?


Acrobalance acts involve two or more artists who incorporate lifting, somersaulting, spinning, and hand balances into their routines. These incredible performers will amaze you and your guests with their strength and versatility. Watch in awe as they achieve jaw-dropping lifts and spins high in the air, and balance with astonishing skill. Perfect for themed events, or any function where you want to give your guests something different and unusual. These performers are daring and entertaining with their incredible feats of strength and agility.


Are acrobalance entertainers a good idea for a corporate event?


Their strength lies in their versatility…and of course in their bodies! Acrobalance entertainers are ideal for any party or event where the enjoyment of your guests is the number 1 goal.

These guys will surprise and amaze anyone at your event and everyone will be talking about it for months. Acrobalance acts are perfect for corporate events, especially if you want some audience participation. Think street entertainers who love to involve their crowd. Want everyone at your event to feel a part of the team? Acrobalance acts love to bring your guests into the act and get them involved in the show, bringing a new meaning to ‘team building’!



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