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What is a balloon aerialist?


A balloon aerialist is a professional and experienced aerial acrobat who incorporates balloons into their act to create a magnificent aerial illusion. The acrobat usually performs with a hoop suspended in the air, with a beautiful bouquet of coloured balloons attached and floating above it. While your aerialist performs a stunning routine of strength and athletic poise, it will appear as if they are being held in the air by the power of the balloons alone. This creates a spectacular visual feast that delights audiences. Watch this amazing display of elegance and illusion and surprise your guests.


Can I hire a balloon aerialist for my wedding?


Our balloon aerialist puts on a jaw-dropping show when they perform their routine. Perfect for special birthdays, events, and ideal for your big day. If you want to really give your guests a spectacle they’ll never forget, a balloon aerialist is what you need. This performer delivers a unique performance high in the air, while the balloons add a dimension of wonder and illusion. Colour co-ordinate the balloons to suit your wedding and hire the perfect act for your special day. Your guests will love it, and you’ll be creating a wedding to remember.



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