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What will a champagne aerialist do at my wedding?


You want entertainers, acrobats, and amazing performers at your wedding. You want champagne, and you want someone on hand to pour it. You want champagne aerialists! This is the new craze that’s taken off like…well, like an acrobat performing in a hoop in the air! Our champagne aerialists will entertain your guests from above their heads, displaying incredible moves, and then they’ll hang around to pour the champagne…literally! Yes, these amazing performers will dangle from the skies and pour your champagne! Combine two services in one as your air-born entertainment also serve the bubbly!


Is a champagne aerialist a great idea for a corporate event?


If you want to stun your guests with some amazing feats of acrobatics combined with skilful champagne pouring, we’ve got the act for you. Our champagne aerialists are talented acrobats who balance and perform astonishing moves on apparatus above your heads, and they’ve also got a steady hand! Delight your guests with these professional acrobats who also hang around and pour your champagne. Perfect for corporate events no matter where, our champagne aerialists combine performance and waitressing to the highest standard, making your event shine above all others. Inside or out, our aerialists can keep the entertainment, and the bubbly, flowing.


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