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What is a contact juggler?


A contact juggler is a street performer who’s a master of illusion. Often using crystal balls, or mesmerising silver and transparent balls, contact jugglers manipulate these objects around their body and in the air. This is slight of hand taken to the extreme as you won’t be able to tell how they’re doing it. Contact jugglers are professional performers who’ve spent years perfecting their act to bring you this incredible form of entertainment. Watch in amazement as the balls appear to move around by themselves. They can juggle, they’ve got the banter, and they can keep you guessing for ages with their amazing skill.


Can I book a contact juggler?


If you want to book an entertainer for your event who’ll have your guests amazed and intrigued by their skills and slight of hand, a contact juggler is just the thing. These guys are professional entertainers with magic in their bodies! Watch in astonishment as they seemingly move the balls around their bodies using nothing more than energy. Your guests will be mesmerised and all trying to figure out how it’s done. If you fancy having this master of illusion at your wedding, special birthday, private party, or corporate event, simply let us know where and when you want our contact juggler to perform, and get ready to be amazed! 


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