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What will a contortionist do at my event?


Our contortionist is a professional entertainer who’s spent years practising their act. This is one flexible performer, and they’re ready to show you all they can do. Your guests will be amazed as our contortionist bends and twists their body into jaw-dropping positions. Have your contortionist meet and greet your guests, and see everyone look astonished when the performance is under way and our contortionist delivers an elegant and skilful repertoire. You can book a themed performance to compliment your event, or include acrobats. Whatever your function, our contortionist can tailor the show and make it perfect for you.


Can I hire a contortionist for my wedding?


If you want to really surprise your friends and family on your big day, do something a little different and hire a contortionist. This versatile act can bring you a performance that’ll have everyone talking it about it for months. Watch in awe as our contortionist moulds their body into incredible positions. It’ll look impossible and everyone will be wondering how it’s done. Always elegant and beautifully presented, our contortionist’s act can compliment your special day in whatever way you want. Add this amazing act to your themed wedding, or simply bring your guests a spectacle like no other. 


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