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Medieval entertainment for hire


Why hire court jesters


If you want to take things right back, beyond retro and vintage, to an age when entertainment was all about pleasing royalty and performing at court, we’ve got the perfect act. Hire medieval entertainment with a modern slant, with our quirky court jesters. These guys will entertain your guests as if you were all aristocracy. They’ll appear in their incredible jester costumes and put on a show for you. They can sing, dance, juggle and mime. This is entertainment from a way back era that’s relevant and fun for today’s parties, weddings, and corporate events.


Why court jesters are a great idea for your event


It’s time to get medieval and feel like you’re guests at court with our fun court jesters. Our court jesters are professional entertainers and they can tailor their act to your event. They’ll appear in their trademark outfits and they have a wide repertoire in their performance. Theme your event with the medieval vibe, or have our jesters perform a routine in-keeping with your function. They can perform poetry and songs that are linked to your event, they can juggle and do other circus tricks, and they’ll mime and play the fool. Our court jesters are flexible and versatile and they’ll give you a quirky show that no one can forget.


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