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Hire a Football Freestyler


Why hire a football freestyler


Maybe you have a football or sports themed event, or perhaps you just want an accessible entertainer who your guests will be amazed by. Whatever your event or party, a football freestyler can bring an extra wow to your crowd. Everyone can enjoy this act, and everyone will be astonished by the talent. These guys have trained hard for years and there’s nothing

they can’t do with a football. They’ve got personalities to entertain you and they’ve got incredible skill. Watch in awe as our football freestyler performs tricks and puts on a show. He’s fit, he’s fun, and he loves football!


What a football freestyler does


If you loved keepy-uppy as a kid, you’ll be amazed by how far our football freestyler can take this simple ball trick! But he doesn’t stop there. Football freestylers have taken their skills with a football and turned it into a performance. With music added and their special banter and comedy, football freestylers are far more than just a sports act. This is football tricks taken to another level, as our guy adds moves and skills you won’t believe. Great for weddings and parties with a football slant, or corporate functions to have everyone talking, football freestylers are sporting entertainers with style.


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