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What are free runners?


Free runners provide acrobatic entertainment with an urban edge. These guys can somersault, flip, and make incredible jumps, all while staying cool and connected to the street. Free running came out of urban spaces and is now a recognised form of entertainment. Performances are used in film and TV and make a fantastic way to kick off events, launch products and open functions. Due to its high energy impact, free running is ideal for events where you want to make a splash and really get your crowd’s attention. For a new age of audiences, or just to thrill, free running is the future.


Why are free runners a great idea for a corporate event?


Nothing encapsulates the theme of energy and achievement more than free running. If you want your corporate event to say something about you and your business, free running is the perfect way to get your message across. This high impact entertainment sport is ideal for kicking off events, launching products, opening functions, or getting your team ready to put their own energy into team building. Free runners are professionals who’ve perfected what they do so they can bring you a presentation of this new and exciting performance. Book free runners for your corporate event and set the bar high.


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