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Hire a Hula Hoopers


What does a hula hooper do?


A hula hooper is a dancer, acrobat, and contortionist who loves performing with hula hoops. She’ll spin hula hoops on her arms, legs, body and even neck! This girl can stack hoops around her body until she becomes a human hula hoop! Watch in amazement as she bends her body while keeping hoops spinning on her ankles and wrists. She’s a professional entertainer with years of experience and she can spin those hoops to perfection. Contorting herself to fit more and more hoops on her body, you’ll be awe-struck by her skill, strength and dexterity. 


Can I hire a hula hooper for my event?


If you’re planning an event and you want to hire some entertainment that everyone can enjoy and appreciate, a hula hooper is just the thing. This professional and talented performer will bring her incredible show to your event, no matter what the size. Want your guests to be astonished by your entertainment? Our hula hooper will bend her body and contort herself into jaw-dropping positions, all while keeping hoops spinning on her limbs and neck. If you want to hire our hula hooper for your event, just let us know where and when you want her to perform, and get ready to be amazed.


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