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Hire a hypnotist for my event?


You’ve seen Paul Mckenna in action and you’d love to bring some of his hilarious hypnotism to your event. With our hypnotist for hire you can do just that. Our hypnotist is an experienced professional who knows how to bring the fun you’re looking for. These guys will have your guests engaged in ridiculous activities and games that’ll get the rest of you laughing all night. It’s harmless fun that everyone can have a giggle at, and you’ll be talking about it for months after. Watch in amazement as our hypnotist makes your friends and family ‘very sleepy’ and then gets them to perform!


Is a hypnotist for hire a great idea for a party?


Whether you’re planning a themed party or you just want some hilarious fun at the expense of your friends and family, our hypnotist has what you need. Perfect for birthdays, private parties, corporate events, team building, work’s functions, and even weddings, our hypnotist will have everyone laughing out loud as he hypnotises your guests into the most ridiculous situations. You and your guests will play games and do activities that’ll amaze you! Make sure someone’s videoing this, as you won’t believe it otherwise! Incredible fun you’ll never forget…unless you can’t remember it! 

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