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Why hire a Jimi Hendrix tribute act?


Capture the unique sound and performance of the great Jimi Hendrix and bring it to your party or event. When you hire a Jimi Hendrix tribute act you’re getting a homage to the musician, performed by talented entertainers and impersonators. These guys have perfected their act to include looking like Jimi and sounding like him. They play their instruments with great attention to detail and your guests will be amazed when they see our Jimi Hendrix impersonator play his guitar behind his head and with his teeth! Witness the nearest thing to Jimi Hendrix himself with our talented tribute act.


Can I find a Jimi Hendrix impersonator in the UK?


Yes, you can hire a Jimi Hendrix impersonator right here in the UK, in a town near you. Our Jimi Hendrix tribute act is a professional musician with years of experience perfecting his look and sound to really do Jimi justice. If you’re a Jimi fan you’ll love how much attention to detail our impersonator puts in, and you’ll love his indisputable talent with his guitar. Just like the real Jimi Hendrix, our tribute act likes to use play his guitar in the most unusual ways, while always maintaining that trademark Jimi sound! Hire our Jimi Hendrix tribute act for your party or event and get ready to be entertained.


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