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Hire a Look a Like


Is a look-a-like for hire a great addiction to your party?


You’ve planned a wedding fit for a princess, but there’s just one thing missing – royalty. Or maybe you’ve got a Frozen themed birthday party in the pipeline and need Elsa to entertain your guests. Whatever the event, hiring a look-a-like can bring something extra special and really take your party to the next level. Your friends will be amazed when James Bond enters the room, or maybe you want to surprise your guests with a famous face from the past like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. Whether it’s The Queen at your wedding or a Disney character at your party, we’ve got the look-a-likes for you.


How to book your celebrity look-a-like


Choose a celebrity look-a-like from our list of acts, or pick out a character like Basil Faulty or Mr. Bean. Keep your guests guessing as your special entertainer arrives and makes everyone wonder if it’s the real thing or not. Our look-a-likes are all professional, talented entertainers who put that extra special ingredient into your event. They can perform at your wedding, open events, or simply be part of the fun. So, whoever you’d like at your party, just choose from our list of look-a-likes for hire and invite the plus one of your dreams!   


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