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What is a mime artist?


Think Charlie Chaplin and Marcel Marceau, but for a modern audience, and you’ve got a mime artist. These guys are experts at telling comedic stories and describing situations through the art of mime. From traditional mime artists with face paint and costume, to modern mimes who put a fresh twist on this ages old style of performance, we’ve got the silent entertainers for your party, wedding or corporate event. Our mime artists for hire can engage your guests and involve them in the act while giving walkabout performances, or they can arrange and deliver a stage show.


Is a mime artist hire a great idea for a corporate event?


Mime artists are professional entertainers who’ve perfected the art of mime and silent comedy. They’re incredible to watch and your guests will be mesmerised by their act. Our mime artists can mingle with your guests at your corporate event and give personal performances to small groups, or they can perform a show to the whole room. They can deliver your message in a unique way that no one will forget and they love posing for photos and meeting and greeting your visitors. To plan a corporate event that’s unusual and will have everyone talking about it for months, book mime artists and bring on the sound of silence!  


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