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Hire a Oasis tribute band


Oasis tribute band for hire


You want some rocking tunes everyone will know delivered by a professional band. You want the best of the Britpop era. You want that Manchester swagger only one band on earth can bring. That’s right, you want an oasis tribute act. Our boys have all the attitude, without the agro, of the most famous brothers in rock/pop. Our Oasis tribute band are talented musicians and singers, just like the original, and they love everything Oasis. They’ve got the style, the look, the mannerisms, and the sound. When these boys perform your guests will be hard pressed to know if it’s the real thing or not.


How do I book an Oasis tribute act?


No matter what your event is or where, our Oasis tribute act can perform for you and bring some Manchester swagger to the room. Our Oasis tribute band will bring their uncanny performance and have everyone singing along with hits like ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’. These boys have the look and the sound of the famous Gallagher brothers in great detail, and they know how to entertain your crowd. To book our Oasis tribute act, simply let us know where and when your event will be and our boys will bring you the best of Indie Britpop!


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