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Paparazzi Photographers for hire


Paparazzi Photographers (fake)


What do paparazzi photographers do at my party?


Ever wondered what it really feels like to be a celebrity in the limelight? Ever fancied living like a star for the evening? If you like the idea of being famous enough to attract paparazzi at your party, we’ve got the guys who can make it happen. Our paparazzi photographers can arrive at your party and start those flashbulbs going. You’ll feel like a star when you’re being papped at your do! And these guys won’t only get you with their lenses, they’ll get all your friends too. It’ll be like being on the red carpet, and best of all, you’ll have photos to remember the night by!


Can I hire paparazzi photographers for my wedding?


Your wedding is the biggest day of your life. This is when you get to be the centre of attention, all eyes on you, and everything is just how you want it. But if that’s not enough and you want to feel like an absolute celebrity on your wedding day, hire our paparazzi photographers and take it to the next level. If you love the idea of being papped and getting as much attention as you desire, our paparazzi photographers can give it to you. Once these guys start papping they can’t stop! Hire a different kind of photographer for your wedding with our fake paparazzi and feel like a star.


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