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Human Robots for hire


What do robots do?


Whether you want real robots or a man in a robot outfit, our robots for hire can bring a taste of the futuristic and science fiction/fact to your event. They can give walkabout performances where they mingle with your guests and display their robotics, including street theatre, dance, and meeting and greeting your guests. They love posing for photos and showing off their moves. Robots can also display their talents in a show, which features LED and lasers, to really wow your crowd. Great for launching events and products and pulling everyone’s interest to your company or party. Robots are the future right now!


How do I hire a human robots for my event?


If you want to bring high tech entertainment to your event, or you have a themed function you need performers for, we’ve got the act for you. Our robots come either as real robots with handlers, or men dressed as robots with robot moves. Whichever you’re looking for, we’ve got the right robots for you. They’ll entertain your guests in small groups, meet and greet, pose for photos, or you can book a robot show with lasers and lights. To hire robots for your event, simply let us know what you require, and where and when you want our robots to do their thing.


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