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Walkabout Entertainers hire


What do walkabout entertainers do?


Walkabout entertainers are any acts who can mingle with guests and perform to small groups of people in an intimate and informal way. Evolved from street entertainers, especially street magicians, who walk around and approach small groups of people to perform their act to, our walkabout entertainers can mingle with your guests and entertain them with short acts and tricks. This is the perfect casual entertainment for your guests to create an atmosphere of relaxed enjoyment. From stilt walkers and balloon artists to modern magicians and poetry entertainers, our walkabout acts can cater for any theme or type of event.


Are walkabout entertainers a great idea for my event?


Walkabout entertainers are perfect for any size event where you want your guests to feel relaxed and have an intimate and personal performance. Walkabout acts vary from mime entertainers and musicians to street theatre and pickpocket performers. You can choose acts that compliment your event and are in-keeping with your theme, or just select any act you’d like to have walking around your guests and surprising them with their skills and talent. Your guests will love the atmosphere our walkabout entertainer creates as they goes from group to group giving a personal performance. 


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