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Can I hire a Will Smith impersonator in the UK?


The real deal may be West Philadelphia born and raised, but our top rate Will Smith impersonator is right here in the UK. This guy has spent years studying the fresh prince so he can bring you a tribute to the star that’ll have you and your guests amazed. He looks like him, he acts like him, his got that Will Smith sense of humour and attitude, and he can rap like him too. Our Will Smith impersonator will make jaws drop when he performs at your party or event, and your guests will be hard pressed to tell him apart from the original.


What is a Will Smith look-a-like?


Our Will Smith look-a-like is far more than just a look-a-like. He can attend your event or function as Will Smith, meet and greet your guests and pose for photos, and if you want a performance, he can do that to. From ‘Men in Black’ to ‘Boom, Shake, Shake the Room’, this guy has the Will Smith rapping capabilities down. He’s perfect for your special birthday, private party or corporate event. He’s a professional entertainer and performer and he’s so accurate in his portrayal, your guests will be left wondering if he’s the real Will Smith! 



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