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Hen party dance class

It goes without saying that your hen party is the perfect excuse for a dance, but what if you want to take things one step further than drunkenly shimmying around on the dancefloor of your local Walkabout? What if you want to do some real dancing?

Well, if that's what you want, you're in luck - Entertain-Ment offer a variety of different dance classes for hot-footed hens and their friends. Here are a few examples of what we have to offer:

Salsa dancing

Salsa Dance Classes

Strictly viewers will know salsa as 'that dance with all the wiggling and hip action'. It's great fun to learn, and your newly-learned moves will really help you to stand out from the crowd when you clubbing afterwards!

Bollywood dancer

Bollywood Dance Classes

If you enjoyed the last scene of Slumdog Millionaire - the part where they're all dancing in the railway station - then we bet you'll love learning those same moves for yourself. You'll also have the chance to dress up like a genuine Bollywood movie star!

Burlesque hen do

Burlesque Dance Classes

If you and the girls are feeling extra-confident, why not try your hand (or, um, your legs) at burlesque dancing? Our burlesque workshop is sure to make you all feel super-sexy, which is a great feeling to take into town for your hen night!

Click here to learn about the other hen party dance classes we offer - they're all led by experienced, friendly professionals, and they're all amazing fun for any girly occassion!
Hen party

Since the hen do is supposed to be your last chance to party as a single lady before tying the knot, it should technically take place on the night before your wedding. However, for obvious reasons, this practice is becoming less and less common; anything can happen on a hen night, and it's not a good idea to schedule all of those drinks, dares, and shenanigans so close to the ceremony itself.

Here are three reasons why:
  • You'll be hungover for your big day. You won't feel too beautiful walking up the aisle if you've still got vodka shakes from the previous night.

  • You might hurt yourself during the party. We all know somebody who's injured themselves on a drunken night out, and you don't want that to happen to you mere hours before you're due to say your vows.

  • You might not wake up where you expected. We're not suggesting that you're going to go home with somebody else behind your fiancé's back, but the bed of a stranger is just one of the many places a sloshed bride-to-be might end up after her bachelorette party. Even if you innocently decide to crash on your maid of honour's sofa instead of getting a taxi back to your place, waking up in the wrong place on your wedding day will make it that much harder to get ready for the ceremony in time.
So, if not the night before, when? Here are our recommendations...

For a hen night...

If your bachelorette party is a one-night-only affair, you're probably safe to leave it until, say, a week before the wedding. This will give you plenty of time to recover and, if necessary, catch a train back from wherever you manage to end up afterwards.

For a hen weekend...

Going away for a long weekend with the girls? In that case, it might be wise to give yourself a little more time (a fortnight, for example) before the wedding proper. Not only will this extra time save your bacon in the unlikely event that you get stranded, it will give you ample time to sort out any drama that arises over the course of the weekend. You don't want to get married with one less bridesmaid than planned because you and Gemma fell out in the club, do you?

For a hen holiday...

If you're going abroad for your hen do, you'll probably want to do it a full month or so ahead of the wedding. As above, this will cover any unforeseen circumstances and inter-group aggro, AND it will give your pals a bit of time to save up for the drinks they'll be knocking back at your wedding. The troopers.

Need more help with your hen party? Visit our Hen Party Ideas page!
Hire a hot hunk for your Merseyside hen night! 

If your hen do is taking place in the historic city of Liverpool, you may be wondering where to find that all-important hen night stripper. After all, no bachelorette party is complete without a muscular bit of man-candy, and whether you're in Merseyside or Melbourne, it's always fun to watch a hot hunk take his clothes off!

Now, if you need a male stripper for your Liverpool hen do, IM Entertained can help. Our boys frequently perform for hen parties in Liverpool and the surrounding area; no matter where in town your event is taking place, our scantily-clad studs will be more than happy to join the party and get naked for you and the girls!

Click here to learn more about our stripper packages for Liverpool events. If you want something a little different, we also offer the following:
Dwarfs with Steel Panther

Comedy metal legends Steel Panther played a few shows in the UK last month, and if you caught any of those gigs, you may have spotted some rather energetic dwarfs jumping around the stage alongside the band.

Well, guess what? Those were Entertain-Ment dwarfs! We sent four of our guys to join the Steel Panther party at two of their four UK dates; they appeared on stage (dressed as miniature versions of the band members themselves) at the Manchester O2 Apollo and at the Wembley Arena in London.

Here's some footage from the Wembley show - keep your eyes peeled for our four fellas!

We're very proud to have helped Steel Panther with their latest tour, and we hope that the band had as much fun on stage as our dwarfs did!

Steel Panther dwarfs

If you're looking to hire some dwarfs for your event, why not bring in the boys who entertained 9,000 people alongside an award-winning rock band? Visit our Dwarf Hire page for more information, or give Entertain-Ment a call on 02920 003310
Hen party with sexy butler

We're sure that your girlfriends are great company, but this isn't just some random Friday night - this is your hen night, and as such, we think that you should throw something extra into the mix, just to make the party that little bit more special.

What you need is some hen party entertainment (or 'hentertainment', if you will). Here are a few suggestions to get your cogs whirring...

Male Strippers

We'll get the obvious one out of the way first. Nothing says 'best night ever!' like a hunky Adonis removing his clothes for your enjoyment. You can even ask your stripper to wear a particular outfit (y'know, until he takes it off).

Drag Acts

But perhaps a full strip show isn't quite up your street (or perhaps your fiancé has insisted on a 'no strippers' rule). There are plenty of alternatives - why not book a drag queen for your hen party? 'Her' glamorous outfit and ribald humour will ensure that it's truly a night to remember.

Personal Instructor

One final suggestion before we open the floor. If you fancy using your bachelorette party as an excuse to get fit, our personal instructors can help you to do just that (whilst providing you and the girls with a little bit of eye candy in the process). Your ex-SAS trainer won't go easy on you, but you'll certainly feel like you've earned your cocktails afterwards!

So what (or who) would YOU like to see at your hen party? Tell us on Facebook