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No strippers allowed

So you're planning your mate's stag do, imagining all the laughs that you and the lads are going to have on the big night, when - disaster! - you get a text from the groom-to-be informing you that his future bride has told him he's not allowed any strippers at his bachelor party.

What do you do now? Do you cancel the whole weekend? After all, you can't have a stag do without strippers, right?

Wrong! Here are 5 awesome nudity-free stag party ideas that will keep the bride happy AND give all the boys a ruddy good time:

Beer tasting session
We've no doubt that you and the lads know how to drink beer...but do you know how to taste it? If not, this awesome workshop will enlighten you; you'll learn all about the brewing process and sample delicious beers from all over the world. You'll also have the chance to try your hand (or should that be your tongue?) at blind tasting - can you distinguish one brew from another with nothing but your taste buds to guide you?

We think that a stag do should be all about having a great laugh with great mates. You'll have to sort the latter out for yourself, but we can provide the laughs in the form of your very own stand-up comic! Not only will your comedian have you rolling around in hysterical laughter, they can even tailor their act to the man of the hour; if the best man has any amusing anecdotes or embarrassing secrets about the groom-to-be, he can write them down for the comedian and try to act innocent when they're brought up halfway through the act!

No, not that kind of massage - we're trying not to upset the bride here, remember? No, this is an altogether less sleazy kind of massage: the kind that will help you and the boys to recover from a hard night's drinking and prepare for, uh, another hard night's drinking. Our mobile masseurs can come to you and work out those knots no matter where you are!

If one of your mates reckons he's the next David Beckham and you want to take him down a peg, why not challenge him - and everyone else - to a round of five-a-side bubble football? Even the silky skills of Golden Balls himself would struggle to shine through if Becks was encased in a giant plastic bubble! You won't get scouted for Man United during your stag night kickabout, but you will have a blast bouncing off each other and attempting to score a goal!

Yes, fragrance making. It may seem like a pretty girly way to round off a list of stag party ideas, but trust us, this could be the perfect choice for your mate's last hurrah. Fragrances aren't just for ladies any more - the modern man needs to smell good too, and that goes double for the modern married man, so why not grab your mates and learn how to make your very own awesome aftershaves? We're sure the bride-to-be will appreciate it!

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Bubble football stag do

There's nothing like a kickabout with the lads, but it's quite a low-key choice of activity for your mate's stag party. Why not make things a little more exciting by putting everyone in big plastic bubbles?

That's right, we're talking about Zorb football! This is a great stag do activity that's particularly ideal for sporty types, and you'll really feel like you've earned those shots after working up a sweat on the pitch!

Bubble football (also known as 'zorb football') is also a fantastic way to show your mates up. The groom may think he's the Messi of his five-a-side league, but will his skills be quite so silky when he's trapped in a giant bubble from the thighs up? We doubt it!

So book your bubble football stag do now and get ready to fall about with laughter as you and the boys struggle hilariously towards the goal! At least the tackles won't hurt as much, right?
Strippers are a stag night staple. Many men consider them essential to the bachelor party experience; for some, a stag do without a stripper isn't really a stag do at all.

Of course, this isn't really the case - there are loads of ways to have fun on your last weekend as a single fella without witnessing any nudity whatsoever. To help you decide whether or not strippers are the right choice for your stag do, we've compiled this handy list of pros and cons:


  • We'll get the obvious one out of the way first: you get to see a sexy lady taking off her clothes for your enjoyment. If you don't understand why that's a pro, you probably don't need to read the rest of this article.
  • It might be your best chance to enjoy a live strip show. Strip clubs aren't for everyone, and hiring a stripper of your own is a great way to enjoy a performance without actually having to visit a specialist venue.
  • It's an easy way to give the groom a good time. If you're organising your mate's stag party and you're struggling to think of a good way to spend the evening, a strip show is usually a pretty safe bet. We suspect that most straight men would be perfectly happy with that party!


  • Not everyone is comfortable with strippers. Before you book a stripper for your stag party, it's a good idea to check that all attendees are happy with your choice of entertainment. Some guys object to the idea of strippers (for a variety of different reasons), while others are simply too shy for this full-on experience.

  • Of course, even if all of the men are on board, you still have to factor in their wives and girlfriends. If you want to save your mates the hassle of a post-party domestic, you should probably run your plans by their other halves before booking anything.
Made up your mind yet? Click here to book one of our female strippers for your event, or visit our Stag Party Entertainment page for some nudity-free bachelor party ideas.
A stag do without strippers simply ain't the real thing. If you want your pal's bachelor party to be the very best in can be (and the bride doesn't mind her fiancé seeing another lady naked), then we strongly recommend calling in Entertain-Ment stag do strippers to do what they do best.

Want to see our stag do strippers? Of course you do! Visit our Female Strippers page for some tantalising photos, or contact Entertain-Ment to book one of our lovely ladies for your event.

Oh, and girls - we haven't forgotten about you! Entertain-Ment can also supply Male Strippers for your hen nights. All tastes are catered for!
Cardiff Bay

Cardiff is a heck of a venue for a stag weekend. The Welsh capital has something for everyone - whether you want sports, music, comedy, history, or just a nice, cold pint, the 'Diff's got it all!

If you're heading to South Wales for your last night as an unmarried man, here are 5 places that we strongly recommend visiting...

Chow down at...The Grazing Shed!
If you find yourself feeling a mite peckish when you hop off the train at Cardiff Central, The Grazing Shed should definitely be your first stop. Their stunning burgers are made using local ingredients, AND their service is ridiculously fast - you won't be waiting long to fill your stomach!

Go and watch...the Cardiff Devils!
Cardiff's football team are hit and miss - if you want to see some real sport, we recommend heading over to Cardiff Bay for a spot of ice hockey instead. Never watched ice hockey before? You may want to brush up on how it's played, but trust us, it's quite a spectacle!

Start drinking at...The City Arms!
Cardiff is served by countless Wetherspoons, so if you and the lads just want to get dizzy off watered-down cocktail pitchers, you'll be well catered-for. Still, if you want to visit a proper pub during your stay in the Welsh capital, pop down to The City Arms on Womanby Street. This local favourite dates back to the 1880s, and it's particularly popular among rugby fans (which does mean that it gets exceptionally crowded on match days!)

Catch a show at...The Glee Club!
Up for a giggle? If you and the boys fancy a bit of stand-up, The Glee Club is the place to be. This establishment in Cardiff Bay is the city's #1 comedy venue, and it's played host to loads of big names in the past. Of course, if you're more of a live music fan, then your best bet is to stay on Womanby Street (see above), where you'll find loads of great venues putting on all sorts of acts on every night.

Party all night at...Clwb Ifor Bach!
What's the best nightclub in Cardiff? It does depend on what day of the week you're there, but generally speaking, Clwb Ifor Bach is the cream of the crop. This legendary venue (also on Womanby Street - you could pretty much stay there for the entire weekend and still have a whale of a time) has three floors, ensuring that practically everyone will be able to find something to dance to!

All of Entertain-Ment's stag party packages are available in Cardiff - remember to book your entertainment before you arrive!