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The mother of the bride is a key player in most weddings. But does that mean she should be invited to the hen party?

This is a question that a lot of brides struggle with, and obviously, the answer will be different for everyone. It depends on how well you get on with your mum, and on the old girl's threshold for lewd hen party antics - for example, can you really picture your ma sipping Sex on the Beach through a willy-shaped straw? Or hooting at an oiled-up stripper as he tears off his trousers?

"Oh, my stars! It's almost as big as your father's!"

Clearly, a bachelorette party with mum has the potential to turn awkward very quickly. But let's not write her off yet; after all, if party suppliers bother to stock those 'Mother of the Bride' sashes, surely some people manage to integrate their mothers into their hen parties without incident?

We reckon that the hen party activities are the key. You have to choose your entertainment carefully if you want your bash to stay mum-friendly; steer clear of strippers and opt instead for activities that you'd actually be happy to share with the woman who birthed you.

Examples of mum-friendly hen night activities:

  • Cookery Workshops: Learning to bake is a great nudity-free use of your hen weekend, and there are loads of different classes to choose from, including cupcake workshops, chocolate making classes, and even pizza making sessions.

  • Perfume Making Classes: If you're not hungry, why not try creating your own fragrance? You, your mother, and the rest of the girls will love learning all about different scents and how to blend them together!

  • Tasteful Nudity: If you simply can't resist inviting a scantily-clad bloke to your hen do, there are ways to do this without offending your mother (or feeling embarrassed when she gets a little too into it). For example, why not try a life drawing class? It's a lot more culturally wholesome than a standard strip-show, and you'll still get to enjoy the sight of a sexy naked man.
Of course, if you're one of those girls who can't imagine a hen do without a stripper and a truckload of willy-shaped accessories, then the answer to your question is pretty obvious: no, don't invite your mum!

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Sexy waiters

We supply all sorts of hen party entertainment here at Entertain-Ment, but our buff butlers may well be the single most popular option of all. Here are a few reasons why:
  • A Treat for the Eyes: It's good to give the bride something nice to look at on her hen night, and there are few sights more appealing than our muscly, half-naked waiters!

  • Put Your Feet Up: Why should you have to do the heavy lifting for your own hen do? Why should you have to walk all the way to the kitchen every time someone wants a drink or something to eat? It's far easier - and far more fun! - to relax and let our buff butlers do the work for you. If you want, they'll even do the dishes at the end of the evening!

  • Your Choice of Outfits: Whether you want your sexy waits to wear jeans, boxers, or just a bum-baring apron, your sartorial wish is their command!

  • Cocktails and Conversation: Our sexy waiters don't just look good - they're also great at making conversation and mixing cocktails (you'll have to provide the ingredients, mind). In fact, a buff butler could well be the best party guest you could possibly invite!
If you want one of our sexy waiters to host your hen party, give us call on 029 20 003 310 or click here to get a quote.

Hiring a dwarf for your hen party is a great idea, but what should you actually do with the little fella when he rocks up at your do? Here are some top ideas from the IM Entertained team - we've dispatched many a dwarf to hen parties up and down the country, so rest assured we know what we're on about here!
  • Handcuff him to the bride! This is a hen night classic, and probably the first thing that popped into your head when you saw the words 'hen party dwarf' in the title of this blog post. If you want to humiliate your mate on her hen do, cuffing her to a midget is a great way to do so - she'll be red-faced at first, but if we know our dwarfs, they'll be best pals by the end of the evening!

  • Watch him strip! Want a fun alternative to the oiled-up stripteases you'd usually expect at a bachelorette party? Why not hire a dwarf stripper instead? He may be small, but that doesn't mean he's not a super-sexy sight without his clothes on...

  • Play some games! If you hire a dwarf for your hen night, the wee man is effectively part of the party, which means that he can join in with all the hilarious hen night games that you and the girls have planned! If you haven't chosen any games yet, click here for some ideas.
Not matter what you do with your hen party dwarf, you're bound to have a brilliant time on the big night! Our dwarfs can come as they are, or - if you prefer - we can give them a funny costume to wear (common requests include Mr. T, Smurfs, and Oompa-Loompas). Whatever you have in mind, you can book your hen party dwarf here!
Looking for a hen night activity that takes you outside of your comfort zone? If you and the girls want a unique and brilliant experience that none of you will ever forget, we'd strongly recommend trying one of our burlesque dance classes.

Wait - isn't burlesque dancing basically just stripping?

No ma'am. Burlesque is far more sophisticated than the sort of thing you'll see at your local gentlemen's club, and - crucially - it never goes as far as total nudity.

A burlesque hen party isn't about getting naked in front of your friends; it's about trying on different outfits, learning some awesome new moves, and generally having some fun while you master the seductive art of burlesque dancing. And who knows - maybe you'll pick up something to show your fiancé when you get home?

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Of course, burlesque dancing does still involve some fairly revealing clothes, and we appreciate that not everyone will be brave enough to unleash their inner Dita Von Teese. If you'd prefer a slightly less cheeky dance workshop for your hen do, try one of these instead:
Male strippers

If you're hiring a stripper for your friend's hen night, you've got an important decision to make. Do you want to treat her to a buff, oiled-up Adonis with abs that could grate bricks? Or do you want to embarrass her?

Either way, we at Enterain-Ment can help...

Hunky Male Strippers

Our stunning studs will be only too happy to rock up at your hen do and show you what they're made of! You can even ask your buff bloke to wear a costume: how about a fireman's uniform, or a 007-style tux?

Hilarious Male Strippers

Funny male stripper

If you'd rather make the bride blush with embarrassment than with uncontrolled lust, we have a range of alternative options for you to choose from. You can book a dwarf stripper, a roly-poly stripper, or even a bloke dressed as a gorilla - whatever you have in mind, we'll do our best to provide!