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We live in the age of the smartphone, which means that everyone can take photos of pretty much anything they like at a moment's notice. You and the girls will probably take dozens of pics over the course of your hen weekend, and rightly so - it's a special occasion, and one that you'll want to remember forever!

Of course, you don't have to settle for that blurry set of selfies that Loz took with her iPhone after one too many strawberry daiquiris. Even nowadays, when every girl has a camera in her handbag, most people still hire a professional photographer for the wedding day...so why not do the same for your hen do?

A hen party photoshoot is a superb hen activity that - in addition to being a great laugh - will ensure that you have some top-quality snaps of the 2nd best day of your life. Here's what you'll get when you book a photoshoot with Entertain-Ment:
  • A professional photographer
  • Makeovers from trained stylists and make-up artists
  • A mix of group shots and individual photographs
  • Loads of fun props
If you like, you can even invite one of our hunky butlers along to join in with the fun!
Photo with sexy butler
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A good hen party needs good hen party games. We've already shared a few ideas with you on the Entertain-Ment blog, but today, we've got another great one to add to the list. It's called Don't Say It! and it's sure to have everyone in fits of giggles when you play it on your hen do.


Don't Say It!

A hen party game for any number of players

The aim of this game is to go for as long as you can without saying certain 'banned' words and phrases. Every time you utter any of the taboo words, you have to pay a penalty - will YOU be able to hold your tongue for the whole hen night?

How to play:

  • Before the party gets started, sit down with your hens and come up with a list of words/phrases that are likely to be spoken frequently over the course of the hen do. See below for a few suggestions - your list can be as long or as short as you please, though we recommend aiming for 5-10 terms.

  • Give everyone a copy of the list so that nobody can use ignorance as an excuse.

  • Once the hen party has begun, all words and phrases on your list are strictly banned.

  • If anyone is caught saying a banned word/phrase at ANY point during the hen night, they must perform a forfeit. The specifics are up to you; Don't Say It! makes a great drinking game (take a drink every time you break the rules), but you may prefer to up the stakes and dole out an embarrassing dare for every taboo word.

  • If you're one of those competitive people who thinks that every game needs a winner, you may wish to keep score. Make a list of everyone at the party, and when somebody says a banned phrase, cross their name off the list. Anyone who manages to stay on the list until the end of the night should get a special prize...or perhaps an extra-nasty punishment for being such a goody two-shoes!

Suggested Words & Phrases:

This game works best if the banned terms are almost impossible to avoid saying in a hen night scenario. Here are some of the best we could think of - feel free to make up your own!
  • The name of the groom
  • "Wedding"
  • "Drink"
  • "Hen"
  • "Bride"
  • "Married" (and/or "Marriage")
  • "Sex"
  • "Stripper"
  • "Pub" or "Bar"
  • "Church" (or, if it's not a church wedding, the name of the venue where the ceremony will take place)
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A stag do without strippers simply ain't the real thing. If you want your pal's bachelor party to be the very best in can be (and the bride doesn't mind her fiancé seeing another lady naked), then we strongly recommend calling in Entertain-Ment stag do strippers to do what they do best.

Want to see our stag do strippers? Of course you do! Visit our Female Strippers page for some tantalising photos, or contact Entertain-Ment to book one of our lovely ladies for your event.

Oh, and girls - we haven't forgotten about you! Entertain-Ment can also supply Male Strippers for your hen nights. All tastes are catered for!
Cardiff Bay

Cardiff is a heck of a venue for a stag weekend. The Welsh capital has something for everyone - whether you want sports, music, comedy, history, or just a nice, cold pint, the 'Diff's got it all!

If you're heading to South Wales for your last night as an unmarried man, here are 5 places that we strongly recommend visiting...

Chow down at...The Grazing Shed!
If you find yourself feeling a mite peckish when you hop off the train at Cardiff Central, The Grazing Shed should definitely be your first stop. Their stunning burgers are made using local ingredients, AND their service is ridiculously fast - you won't be waiting long to fill your stomach!

Go and watch...the Cardiff Devils!
Cardiff's football team are hit and miss - if you want to see some real sport, we recommend heading over to Cardiff Bay for a spot of ice hockey instead. Never watched ice hockey before? You may want to brush up on how it's played, but trust us, it's quite a spectacle!

Start drinking at...The City Arms!
Cardiff is served by countless Wetherspoons, so if you and the lads just want to get dizzy off watered-down cocktail pitchers, you'll be well catered-for. Still, if you want to visit a proper pub during your stay in the Welsh capital, pop down to The City Arms on Womanby Street. This local favourite dates back to the 1880s, and it's particularly popular among rugby fans (which does mean that it gets exceptionally crowded on match days!)

Catch a show at...The Glee Club!
Up for a giggle? If you and the boys fancy a bit of stand-up, The Glee Club is the place to be. This establishment in Cardiff Bay is the city's #1 comedy venue, and it's played host to loads of big names in the past. Of course, if you're more of a live music fan, then your best bet is to stay on Womanby Street (see above), where you'll find loads of great venues putting on all sorts of acts on every night.

Party all night at...Clwb Ifor Bach!
What's the best nightclub in Cardiff? It does depend on what day of the week you're there, but generally speaking, Clwb Ifor Bach is the cream of the crop. This legendary venue (also on Womanby Street - you could pretty much stay there for the entire weekend and still have a whale of a time) has three floors, ensuring that practically everyone will be able to find something to dance to!

All of Entertain-Ment's stag party packages are available in Cardiff - remember to book your entertainment before you arrive!