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So you want to know what men get up to at stag parties? In this guest blog post, the lads from StagStuff.co.uk reveal all...

Perhaps you're worried about what your future hubby will be doing on his last night as an unmarried man; on the other hand, perhaps you're said hubby, and you want to know what you're in for. Either way, you're curious about stag parties and what they entail, and we're more than qualified to tell all. If you're ready to learn the unvarnished truth, step right this way and get ready for a serious eye-opener!

  • There might be strippers. Let's pull off this plaster right away: yes, stag night strippers are a thing. You can even book one right now if you're so inclined. If you're determined to keep your night (or your fiancé's night) nudity-free, have a heart-to-heart with the best man and let him know that, whatever else he might organise, you absolutely don't want any strippers.

  • Saucy stag night fun doesn't stop with strippers. If you are ruling strippers out of the stag party proceedings, you may also want to explicitly forbid topless waitresses, pole dancers, mud wrestlers and beer wenches. None of them are strippers, technically speaking, but none of them will exactly be dressed like nuns, either.

  • Embarrassment? Par for the course. If you're the dashing bridegroom in this hypothetical stag night we're sketching out, you may want to brace yourself for some blushes. Humiliation is often considered to be a key element of a successful bachelor party, and more often than not, the man of the hour will be the prime target. We can't tell you exactly what to expect, but we can give you some common examples: think overweight strippers, dwarfs with handcuffs, and forced cross-dressing.

  • There are other options. There's no rulebook for stag nights, and just because all the other grooms-to-be are handcuffing themselves to strangers and watching women undress, there's nothing to say that you have to do the same. A stag do can be whatever you make of it, and if the usual fare isn't for you, there are plenty of other options - why not spend the day learning about beer or making your own aftershave?
If you don't feel like a stag night expert yet, head over to the StagStuff website for additional ideas, inspiration, and harbingers of bachelor party doom!
Joint hen and stag do

So, you want to have a joint hen and stag party?

Good for you! 'Hag' parties are becoming quite commonplace nowadays, and if you and your betrothed are friends with all the same people, divvying them up by gender and heading off for two separate adventures may seem like a pretty daft thing to do.

Joint parties are particularly popular within unevenly-gendered friendship groups. For example, if the bride and groom have twelve male friends and only four female friends, it's not fair to take away two thirds of the bride's entourage and send them away for a legendary lads' weekend with the groom, dooming her to something far more low-key.

So a hag party it is, then! Forget about splitting everyone up - book a venue, plan some activities, and invite EVERYONE to join in the fun!

Joint Hen & Stag Do Ideas

Now that you've settled on a joint do, it's time to decide how you're going to spend it. It should go without saying that some 'traditional' forms of hen/stag entertainment are inappropriate for a unisex event; for example, the groom may not appreciate being waited upon by a buff butler, just as the average bride probably wouldn't want any topless waitresses on the guest list.

Of course, it's not unheard of for couples to attend strip clubs together - you may even wish to end your joint party by receiving a 'couple's dance' from a sexy stripper. By and large, though, it's better to stick to slightly less risqué activities - here are some ideas:

Pretty much everybody - male, female, whatever - loves chocolate. A chocolate-making class is a great activity for any combination of people; not only will you get to fill your faces with tasty treats, you'll actually learn how to make those treats yourself. Trust us, chocolate tastes even better when you're eating your own work!

Stand-Up Comedy
Like chocolate, live comedy is a pastime that knows no gender. If you and your pals love to laugh, why not hire a professional stand-up and get them to entertain the lot of you while you drink yourselves stupid?

Speaking of which...

If you're going to spend your bachelor(ette) party guzzling down vino, you may as well learn to do it properly. It may seem like the sort of thing that only middle-aged, middle-class people do, but don't worry - you don't need a pair of red trousers to enjoy the finer aspects of red wine!

Need more hag do ideas? Why not hire a limousine, learn the art of cocktail making, or relax with a mobile massage?
When it comes to planning a hen party, it can be extremely difficult to know where to start. There are so many different types of hen party activities for you and your hens to book - it's nigh on impossible to narrow all the potential hen night ideas down to just one weekend, or in some cases - just one evening!

 A hen weekend should reflect the personality of your Bride to be pal - if she's a little cheekier we've got some saucy hen party activities guaranteed to get you all giggling, if she's more of a relaxation kinda gal then we've got some luxurious hen party ideas which might be more to your taste. 

So what are some of the hen party workshops we have to offer we hear you ask? Let's run through some of our favourites! 

Chocolate making is an activity which combines delicious chocolate and getting creative, which makes it absolutely perfect for hen parties! If creating your own delicious chocolate isn't enough for you, we can also supply some buff butlers and champers to really get the party started.

Get your Beyonce on with your girls by taking one of our amazing dance classes! We can offer an expert tutor to teach you almost any style of dance you want - from Grease to Michael Jackson, we've got you covered. This is the perfect activity to get you and your girls ready to hit the dance floor. 

Classy and sophisticated, this perfume making hen party will help you and your girls develop your own signature scents. You can combine a variety of scents, from citrus to soft floral tones to create your own personal perfume ready to rock on your night out. 

Sushi is a Japanese cuisine which has simply taken over the Western world - we're just crazy about this new culinary delight! With this hen party workshop you can learn to bring this gorgeous food into your every day life by mastering the craft of Sushi making. Exciting and exotic - what more could you want?

Cheeky and artistic - life drawing is the perfect hen party activity. Not only do you get to ogle a delicious male model but you get to work on your drawing ability under the watchful eye of an expert tutor - this hen night idea is simply ideal for hen parties. 

For a quote on any of our hen party activities simply give us a call 02920 003310

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What's a stag do without a few games, eh? Whether you're pre-drinking in your hotel room, getting sloshed at your local pub, or just hanging out at home, a bit of friendly competition never fails to kick the party up a notch.

But what to play? Monopoly and Cluedo won't cut it for a special occasion like this - instead, here are 5 top games that are perfect for stag parties:

  1. Blacks & Reds: This is a super-simple game for any number of players - all you need is a deck of cards. Sit in a circle around a table and take it in turns to turn over a card from the top of the deck. If you get a red card, you have to take a drink; if you get a black card, you can nominate another player to take a drink. Keep going until the deck is depleted...then reshuffle the cards and start again!

  2. Beer Pong: If you can get hold of some cups and a couple of ping-pong balls, beer pong is an excellent way to get everybody in the party mood. You already know the rules: two people stand at opposite ends of a table, throwing ping-pong balls at the other person's cups, which of course are full of beer. If your opponent's ball lands in one of your cups, you have to drink that cup's contents and remove the cup from the table. First person to run out of cups is the loser!

  3. Ring of Fire: Another classic drinking game, and another one that's easy to set up (if you've got a pint glass and a deck of cards, you're good to go!) Everyone has their own version of the rules, but for the purposes of this blog post, we're going to defer to Wikipedia.

  4. Banned Words: Choose some words that nobody is allowed to say for the duration of the stag party - common 'banned words' include stag, drink, wedding, and the name of the bride-to-be. The list can be as long or as short as you like; every time someone says one of the banned words, they must either take a drink or perform an embarrassing forfeit as punishment. This game lasts the whole night - decide on the rules at the start of the party, then keep an ear out for violations!

  5. Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of actions, dares or achievements and hand a copy of this list to each member of the party. Each person must accomplish as many of these tasks as possible before the end of the night - when the party's over, tally everyone's achievements and give the loser (i.e. the person who completed the fewest tasks) an embarrassing forfeit as penance for their lameness! The tasks you choose for this game are entirely up to you - it could be anything from get a snog to swap underwear with another person or drink a pint in one go.
Got any more great ideas for stag party games? Let us know on facebook