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So why not induldge in a class of fine arts with a glass of wine and a giggle with your ladies. Hen nights/ weekends are an excuse to have some fun let your hair down and party. Why not start your day off with a few drinks and a life drawing class to get you in the mood. We provide life drawing classes in bristol, bath, Gloucester and taunton at cost effective prices. Why not see our life drawing hen do page 
Hire a cheeky butler for your hen night. Our Guys can serve drinks and food, greet your guests, play party games,socialise and much more. We have plenty of guys fully trained of course all across the UK. Our cheeky buff butlers are in peek shape and all have charming personalities. 

We've suggested a few fun hen party games for you and the girls to play on the big night, but those were all reasonably tame by bachelorette party standards. What if you want something a little naughtier?

Well, we've never been ones to shy away from the ruder side of hen parties here at IM Entertained (we do supply male strippers, after all!) Here's another trio of terrific hen party games to try...be warned, though, because these ones are a fair bit ruder than the last batch!

Pin the Willy on the Hunk

We all pinned tails on donkeys when we were little, but this classic children's party game is a little...well, childish for a hen do. Here's a slightly more adult version: go on Google Images (you may wish to use incognito mode!) and print out a picture of a scantily-clad man. Hang your hunk on the wall, then cut a penis shape out of some pink card - this will be the, ahem, 'tail'. Blindfold each player and challenge them to pin (or Blu-Tack) the willy on the hunk; the winner is the one who gets it closest to the correct spot!

Clothes Swap

Here's a very cheeky game that your fiancé and his mates will probably wish they could have watched! Select one player - the maid of honour, perhaps - to be the referee, and split everyone else into teams of two. The referee turns off the lights, and each pair of players must swap as many items of clothing as they dare while it's dark! After a pre-agreed time limit (roughly one minute works best), the referee turns the lights back on, and the team who has swapped the most items of clothing wins! The fun of this game is wondering how many garments you're brave enough to swap - exchanging bras and/or pants could be what wins you the game, but will you be able to get them on before the lights come on...?

Who Did It?

How well do you know your gal pals? Let's find out! Give each girl a pen and three slips of paper. Each of you must write down three embarrassing personal secrets (e.g. "I showed my boobs to the camera at Glastonbury", "I once had sex in a Wetherspoons loo") and put the folded slips of paper into a hat or another container. One by one, the maid of honour removes the slips from the hat and reads out the anonymous secrets - everyone else has to guess who wrote what! The winner is the person who makes the most correct guesses.

Need more inspiration for your hen do? Visit our Hen Party Ideas section!
Sexy waiters

We supply all sorts of hen party entertainment here at Entertain-Ment, but our buff butlers may well be the single most popular option of all. Here are a few reasons why:
  • A Treat for the Eyes: It's good to give the bride something nice to look at on her hen night, and there are few sights more appealing than our muscly, half-naked waiters!

  • Put Your Feet Up: Why should you have to do the heavy lifting for your own hen do? Why should you have to walk all the way to the kitchen every time someone wants a drink or something to eat? It's far easier - and far more fun! - to relax and let our buff butlers do the work for you. If you want, they'll even do the dishes at the end of the evening!

  • Your Choice of Outfits: Whether you want your sexy waits to wear jeans, boxers, or just a bum-baring apron, your sartorial wish is their command!

  • Cocktails and Conversation: Our sexy waiters don't just look good - they're also great at making conversation and mixing cocktails (you'll have to provide the ingredients, mind). In fact, a buff butler could well be the best party guest you could possibly invite!
If you want one of our sexy waiters to host your hen party, give us call on 029 20 003 310 or click here to get a quote.