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Winter is now well and truly out of the way so it's that time of year when weddings are coming thick and fast. 

If you've been given the task of organising the ultimate hen party, then have no fear as we give you all you need to know to ensure this hen party is talked about for years to come. 

Here goes!

1. Don’t just stick to the same old

Gone are the days when there are just a few options for hen parties. The opportunities are endless, from burlesque dancing to dwarf hire, there is something for everyone.

Try to get a sense of what the bride would be looking for. Ask her what she loved and hated about other hens - best to know what kind of thing she'd enjoy. Also, remember that you are probably organising for a diverse group so select activities accordingly.

3 hours of dancing might not be the ideal selection for the bride’s 75 year old grandmother!

2. Plan, plan and plan some more

The best hen parties are well planned and planned in advance.

Getting everyone to agree to a date can often be quite a challenge so the earlier you get started the better.Once the guest list has been confirmed get straight onto sending out the 'Save the Date' cards so that the guests can book the time off work etc. Get this done as early as possible, to ensure your bride gets the attendance that she deserves.

Also, bear in mind that in the most popular cities, hotels can quickly lose availability for large groups so again, book in advance.

3. Have lots of game ideas

What’s a hen party without some hen games?

There is an endless list of games that can be played on the night so as long as you know the hen will be up for it get some fun games planned. For some super naughty hen party games check out this recent blog post.

4. Build in some contingency 

Most people set a budget for hen parties so be assured you will be getting lots of phone calls and emails asking about costs. Always allow for a small cushion by adding £10-£20 to everyone's costs. 

Of course if it's not needed then it’s going to buy some extra drinks and who is going to complain about that?

5. Don’t forget the transport

Whatever you do as part of the planning make sure you organise the transport. Whether taxi, minibus or airplane, get it booked and included in the budget. If you really want to travel in style then why not book our limo or party bus – now that will get you in the good books! 

Getting the transport booked and paid for in advance will make sure it’s easier to keep the whole group together and reduce the risk of losing any guests. It does happen – trust us!

6. On the day, encourage pace

This is particularly important if you are out for the whole day or weekend. You don’t want the bride or anyone else to be intoxicated by lunch time. If there is plenty of activities planned for the evening you don’t want all your hard work and planning to go to waste. 

If possible try and fit in some down time for eating and re-hydrating.

7. Have fun!

This is more important than anything else.

You want the bride to remember her hen party for the rest of her life and she will if it’s centred on fun. Here at Entertain-ment we can ensure this happens with our range of hen activities.

As you plan the perfect hen party take a look at all we have on offer on our website as we help you plan the hen party to beat all hen parties!

Hiring a dwarf for your hen party is a great idea, but what should you actually do with the little fella when he rocks up at your do? Here are some top ideas from the IM Entertained team - we've dispatched many a dwarf to hen parties up and down the country, so rest assured we know what we're on about here!
  • Handcuff him to the bride! This is a hen night classic, and probably the first thing that popped into your head when you saw the words 'hen party dwarf' in the title of this blog post. If you want to humiliate your mate on her hen do, cuffing her to a midget is a great way to do so - she'll be red-faced at first, but if we know our dwarfs, they'll be best pals by the end of the evening!

  • Watch him strip! Want a fun alternative to the oiled-up stripteases you'd usually expect at a bachelorette party? Why not hire a dwarf stripper instead? He may be small, but that doesn't mean he's not a super-sexy sight without his clothes on...

  • Play some games! If you hire a dwarf for your hen night, the wee man is effectively part of the party, which means that he can join in with all the hilarious hen night games that you and the girls have planned! If you haven't chosen any games yet, click here for some ideas.
Not matter what you do with your hen party dwarf, you're bound to have a brilliant time on the big night! Our dwarfs can come as they are, or - if you prefer - we can give them a funny costume to wear (common requests include Mr. T, Smurfs, and Oompa-Loompas). Whatever you have in mind, you can book your hen party dwarf here!
Dwarfs with Steel Panther

Comedy metal legends Steel Panther played a few shows in the UK last month, and if you caught any of those gigs, you may have spotted some rather energetic dwarfs jumping around the stage alongside the band.

Well, guess what? Those were Entertain-Ment dwarfs! We sent four of our guys to join the Steel Panther party at two of their four UK dates; they appeared on stage (dressed as miniature versions of the band members themselves) at the Manchester O2 Apollo and at the Wembley Arena in London.

Here's some footage from the Wembley show - keep your eyes peeled for our four fellas!

We're very proud to have helped Steel Panther with their latest tour, and we hope that the band had as much fun on stage as our dwarfs did!

Steel Panther dwarfs

If you're looking to hire some dwarfs for your event, why not bring in the boys who entertained 9,000 people alongside an award-winning rock band? Visit our Dwarf Hire page for more information, or give Entertain-Ment a call on 02920 003310
Hen party dwarf hire

Size isn't everything, and to their credit, Britain's brides-to-be seem to have figured this out - our Dwarf Hire service is one of the most popular hen party packages we offer! We get new enquiries every day from hens who want to hire little people for their bachelorette parties, and our pint-sized entertainers never fail to make a BIG impression!

If you've got room for one extra guest at your hen do (and, let's face it, you don't need that much room) then a lively, fun-loving dwarf will make the perfect addition to your crew. You can even ask for him to show up in a particular costume; here are some ideas to get your cogs whirring...

  • Smurfs: Nothing says 'last night of singledom' like a little person painted blue! Smurfs are a stag and hen party staple, and even if you don't bother handcuffing the bride to the dwarf you hire, he's bound to show her a spectacularly smurfy time!

  • Oompa-Loompas: Perhaps the most popular choice among hens looking to hire a dwarf is the classic oompa-loompa costume. With bright orange face paint and a snazzy green wig, the look is utterly unmistakeable, and it's a particularly appropriate choice if you're trying a spot of chocolate making on your hen weekend!

  • Superheroes: Whether you want a pint-sized Superman or an itty-bitty Batman, dressing your dwarf in a mask and cape is a great way to make your hen party...well, super! Bonus points if you and the girls are all dressed as superheroes as well.

Got a different idea for your hen party dwarf? Get in touch to discuss, or visit our Dwarf Hire page for more information!