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What is a Stag Do?

A stag do or stag party is also known as a bachelor party in The United States or a buck party in Australia and is known by various other names throughout Europe and the rest of the world. It’s mostly European and anglicised countries who abide strongly by the stag tradition and they’ve certainly got a reputation around the world for the outrageous activities that precede them!

Quite simply, a stag do is a party which takes place over a night or a few days and involves activities, games, pranks, drunken shenanigans and humiliation of the groom to be. Of course, many stag dos involve civilised activities too, which range from calming walks round city attractions to hair-raising and adventurous trips involving river rafting, climbing, paintballing, go-karting - anything activity packed with adrenaline based thrills does nicely! In terms of the days and nights spent drinking, anything goes, ranging from dressing up in silly costumes and patrolling the streets sloshed to stripper club visits and general ill-behaviour- it’s all in the spirit of celebrating that last night of ‘freedom’ after all!


Stag dos are high-spirited celebrations of singlehood and whilst the stereotype involves plenty of smashed silliness, more and more stag dos involve genuine holidays where you can spend quality time with your best mates and friends you haven’t seen for a long time, etc. Also, stag dos are organised, usually strictly, but the groom-to-be’s friends who liaise with a stag events company in order to maximise the stag-do’s awesomeness, from accommodation to events to tickets to games and anything else - naughty or nice - that you can think of. The fact that everything is laid on for the stag just adds to the stag do’s aspect of celebrating a stress-free last night before marriage!


The history of stag/Bachelor parties

Stag parties have an illustrious history that dates back to 5th century Ancient Greece, where the Spartans would celebrate lavishly when one of their comrades was set to become married. Huge banquets would be laid on with all the standard drunken debauchery that we still expect from a stag do. Now, the essence remains much the same and this Greek export has somehow taken a firm grip in British and European culture especially, who are some of the world’s most feverous followers of the stag do. Of course, many countries around the world do also follow this tradition, more now than ever - no matter where you are, it just makes sense to throw a big party before marriage, it’s infectious!


Throughout the 1800s, stag parties grew in their momentum throughout the world and a fair few high-profile parties led to big controversies. One such party in 1896, Herbert Barnum Seely, who was the grandson of famous American politician P.T. Barnum was actually raided by police after they caught wind of a plan for nude belly dancers to perform amongst other various nefarious activities. The stag party’s humble beginnings have transformed vastly since then but have still been subject to many high-profile controversies, including a host of celeb breakups.


Paris Hilton accused boyfriend Paris Lastis of cheating at his bachelor party whilst other celebs like Nick Lachey’s relationship with Jessica Simpson was also similarly doomed by alleged claims at his bachelor party. Most people are more responsible though, and the stag do’s communal togetherness of a man’s friends makes it an invaluable social gathering that really brings people back together.


What are stag parties like in other countries?

The gist of stag parties worldwide aren’t dissimilar. Most involve outrageous activity but that’s not to say that many aren’t now trending towards holidays, where the stag party also engages in plenty of other civilised and proper activities. Alas, stag parties worldwide still mostly share that same fundamental of a good time and lots of alcohol.


It is mostly formerly European or Anglo-Saxon countries, Canada, Australia and the US which engage in stag parties. Scandinavia’s love for the stag party spans across all 4 countries - Sweden, who call it Svensexa, Norway, who call it Utdrikningslag, Denmark, who call it Polterabend and Finland, who call it Polttarit. They are generally quite strict about the groom having absolutely zero involvement in planning, hatching it as a proper surprise. With pranks and crazy shenanigans, they sure know how to celebrate a stag to its maximum potential and the results are often pretty extreme!


In Germany, the Junggesellenabschied, which means ‘farewell to bachelorhood’, involves pretty much the same thing - beer, bad behaviour and brashness. There are costumes, pranks and parties...all the main ingredients! Across the pond in France, who has named their stag-do equivalent ‘enterrement de vie de garçon’, meaning last night of freedom, go for a similar thing - it seems that us Europeans just can’t resist the dressed up silly stag do packed full of fun.


In Australia, a buck party follows the same theme, getting smashed down under with the lads! America’s take on the stag party, named a bachelor party, has been popularised in movies like The Hangover and involves more of the same with maybe a bit more glamour, though.


Notorious and popular stag Night destinations

Ask most men what the ingredients for the best stag night destination are and they’ll suggest somewhere where the drinks are cheap, the girls are pretty, and the sights are awesome day and night, and somewhere where you can roam the streets in a state without judgement!


Lots of European destinations tick the boxes for European stag parties and it just depends on what you’re looking for. For all the standard drunken shenanigans, great nightlife and great prices, Prague may well hold many people’s top spot. A pint sets you back a quid or less, there’s tons of crazy places to go and Czech people sure know how to party themselves. Budapest could be next best, Hungarian liquor is super strong though so if you’re smashing super strong shots at bars then don’t expect to last the night! Bratislava and Krakow are also very popular, offering an array of high quality beers, plenty of awesome cultural attractions and stunning scenery both day and night.


Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam are popular destinations too, all offering a unique take on the European stag experience. Gorgeous cities in their own right, the booze is the highest quality, the tolerance of locals to stags is high and the range of activities available is large, though these destinations do cost a little more.


Overall, it just depends on your priority! Many want a good mixture between outrageous activity and fun and more sincere days out, soaking up time with good company in good cities. Not all stag parties want to exploit cheap drink, some are looking for adventurous activities and a great deal of European destinations offer plenty, from go-karting to paintballing.


Of course, we can’t forget the UK, you really don’t need to go far and just think of how many beers you can get with money you might’ve spent on flights. Tons of UK cities offer awesome experiences for stag dos; Newcastle, Leeds, London, Cardiff, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Belfast - it’s a long list!


A Stag Night in bristol with strippers and a lot of Beer.

So bristol what do we know about it ? It has a great choice of good bars and clubs. All situated in a close distance of each other. Many traditional pubs perfect for stag groups who love a good beer. All known for good quality ale with a few local breweries if considering a beer tasting activity can't beat it. 

As for fun things to do we suggest staying in a farm or rented party house on the outskirts of bristol. you get to them experience best of both country living and a trip to the city in the evening to enjoy the nightlife. 

So why not let  us arrange some sexy female strippers to come and strip for the stag before a night out or even a night in just to add the wow factor to your weekend. 

We offer a number of services that might just go down a treat have a look for yourselves.

Its not a stag do without a good bar crawl so can make it a bar crawl to remember with a beer wench bar crawl babe.We have only the best beer maids in the uk who love to have fun and show you a good time.

So what do they do? 

1.They show you around the city. Plan a pub crawl of only the best bars full of fun.

2.Get the Beers in for the lads

3. Drinking Game ideas, challenges and forests for your Stag group.

4. Make Memories by taking photos of your stag party and posing for them.

Last week, we came up with a trio of hen party games that'd be perfect for a slightly naughtier bash. Swapping clothes, sharing dirty secrets, pinning paper willies to pictures of fit blokes...that kind of thing.

Well, we're all about equality here at Entertain-Ment, and since we've already given the ladies a whole bunch of naughty ideas, we thought we'd do the same for the men. Here, then, are three spectacular stag party games that are slightly on the rude side...

Who's the Loudest?

Best played in a pub, bar, or another public place, this game will help you to find out once and for all which of your friends has the fewest inhibitions. Choose a word or phrase - preferably something sweary - and take it in turns to say it aloud. Each recital must be louder than the previous one; if a player gets too embarrassed or is judged to have spoken more quietly than the person before him, he is eliminated and must finish his drink as punishment. This game is a lot more fun (and a lot naughtier!) if your chosen phrase contains at least one or two naughty words and possibly a sexual reference.

Love Notes

This is more of a prank than a game, but it's still fun, challenging, and rather naughty. Without the groom's knowledge, bring some scraps of blank paper to the stag do (a stack of post-it notes will do fine) and, whenever you get the opportunity, ask the women you encounter to write flirty messages and fake phone numbers on these scraps. Then, when the groom's not looking, slip the messages you've collected into his pocket - hopefully, his wife-to-be will find the messages before he does, and he'll have some seriously confusing questions to answer!

I Know What You Did!

Our third and final game is a twist on the classic 'Never Have I Ever' drinking game. As usual, players take it in turns to say, "Never have I ever..." followed by something lewd and/or personal that they've never done (e.g. "Never have I ever had sex outdoors.") Any player who has done that thing must then take a drink. The difference here is that you're rewarded for making your mates reveal their secrets - you score 1 point for every person who drinks on your turn, and after everybody's had three turns each, the player with the most points wins!

Just to make things a little more interesting, there are two twists to this game. If nobody drinks on your turn, you have to finish your drink; if EVERYBODY drinks on your turn, not only do you not receive ANY points for that round, you also have to finish your drink AND lose 3 points as punishment for being the only one in the group who hasn't done that thing. At the end of the game, the player(s) with the least points must immediately buy the winning player(s) a drink to reward their superior experience!

What's a stag do without a few games, eh? Whether you're pre-drinking in your hotel room, getting sloshed at your local pub, or just hanging out at home, a bit of friendly competition never fails to kick the party up a notch.

But what to play? Monopoly and Cluedo won't cut it for a special occasion like this - instead, here are 5 top games that are perfect for stag parties:

  1. Blacks & Reds: This is a super-simple game for any number of players - all you need is a deck of cards. Sit in a circle around a table and take it in turns to turn over a card from the top of the deck. If you get a red card, you have to take a drink; if you get a black card, you can nominate another player to take a drink. Keep going until the deck is depleted...then reshuffle the cards and start again!

  2. Beer Pong: If you can get hold of some cups and a couple of ping-pong balls, beer pong is an excellent way to get everybody in the party mood. You already know the rules: two people stand at opposite ends of a table, throwing ping-pong balls at the other person's cups, which of course are full of beer. If your opponent's ball lands in one of your cups, you have to drink that cup's contents and remove the cup from the table. First person to run out of cups is the loser!

  3. Ring of Fire: Another classic drinking game, and another one that's easy to set up (if you've got a pint glass and a deck of cards, you're good to go!) Everyone has their own version of the rules, but for the purposes of this blog post, we're going to defer to Wikipedia.

  4. Banned Words: Choose some words that nobody is allowed to say for the duration of the stag party - common 'banned words' include stag, drink, wedding, and the name of the bride-to-be. The list can be as long or as short as you like; every time someone says one of the banned words, they must either take a drink or perform an embarrassing forfeit as punishment. This game lasts the whole night - decide on the rules at the start of the party, then keep an ear out for violations!

  5. Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of actions, dares or achievements and hand a copy of this list to each member of the party. Each person must accomplish as many of these tasks as possible before the end of the night - when the party's over, tally everyone's achievements and give the loser (i.e. the person who completed the fewest tasks) an embarrassing forfeit as penance for their lameness! The tasks you choose for this game are entirely up to you - it could be anything from get a snog to swap underwear with another person or drink a pint in one go.
Got any more great ideas for stag party games? Let us know on facebook