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Why we love drag queens on hen parties and ladies nights!

We don’t know about you, but we have definitely noticed that over the past 18 months the world of the drag queen seems to have exploded! Gone are the days of seedy clubs being the only place you can enjoy a high quality drag artist and instead we welcome in high quality drag superstars who can not only sing and dance but are gorgeous too!

Ru Paul and her drag race may have had something to do with the rise in popularity of the drag artist. This amazing TV programme showcases just how wonderful drag queens can be with some of them even giving the world’s female supermodels a lesson or two on how to work a catwalk.

There has also been more in turn in the media about drag queens around the UK. A great example of this is in a 2015 article on the Daily Mail whereby a British queen by the name of Pearle Gattes http://www.dailymail.co.uk let’s us into the transformation from Bradley to Pearle and it is pretty fascinating stuff!

So why are drag queens so popular for hen do’s?

The aim of a hen do is to have fun, laugh and of course enjoy a few delicious drinks so for many ladies looking to plan their big night out they are likely to head to a cabaret club or perhaps one that feature male strippers.

You will often find that drag artists act as comperes for this particular clubs or nights. This is because they offer the right mix of naughty humour to keep you all chuckling and for many of us there is plenty of fascination about just how these men transform themselves into such beautiful women!

Where can you go in the UK to see drag artists?

There are a variety of clubs throughout the UK where you can see some of the best drag queens that these shores have to offer.

London is one of the hotspots of these clubs with several across the city. However other major cities also have their own cabaret nights that are ideal for hens looking for a good time. This includes popular hen party choices such as Blackpool, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Bournemouth and Brighton.

So why don’t you explore the wonder of a drag queen and see if they make the perfect hen do entertainment

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