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Female Stripper Hire


The most traditional of all stag do activities, female strippers never lose their appeal. And it’s easy to see why; a stag do just wouldn’t be a stag do without one. If you’re the best man and you’re organising your stag’s party, our stag do strippers should be your first port of call. 

You’ll either want to give the stag the gift of his life in the form of a sexy stunner stag do stripping right in front of him, or you’ll want to humiliate him as much as possible. Either way, a stripper can give you exactly what you’re looking for. 

So, let’s start tame. If your best mate’s getting married and you just want to give him a bit of cheeky fun on his stag do, a female kissagram could be just the thing. This girl will wear an outfit of your choice – policewoman, nurse, sexy school teacher, etc. – and she’ll arrive with a message and a kiss for your groom. She might do a semi strip if that’s what you want, but she won’t go further than that. 

Alternatively, you might have a groom on your hands who can handle a little more than that. A stripper, or female stripagram, will do just what a kissagram does...only more so! This girl is here to strip, and once she’s done a sexy dance, that’s exactly what she’ll do. 

To really push it and take your stag all the way to total humiliation (or maybe he likes this kind of thing!) you could book Miss Whiplash. This one’s not for the faint-hearted, but if you’ve got a best mate who likes to give it some chat and thinks he’s all that when it comes to women, this is the perfect way to put him in his place. Or, if you think your guy can take a joke and is well up for a laugh, book him this stern mistress and watch him squirm! Miss Whiplash is going to tie your stag to a chair, squirt him with cream, whip him and generally dominate and humiliate him! It’ll be hilarious for you, and, come on, it’s his stag party – what did he expect? 

We can arrange for your female stripper hire to attend your venue, your home, or we can arrange a venue for you. This girl is happy to go wherever the party is and she’s ready for some serious fun!

We can provide Female Strippers throughout all areas of the UK & Europe.


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Thanks she was grea. Will book again soon.
Quality strippers! Wasnt expecting much for the price but she was gorgeous and gave it her all.
Entertain-ment is the place to book for top notch strippers!
The stripper we ordered was much hotter than her picture!!!! Great value.

Helpful Information

  • What venues do you use?
    Our stripper agency has high-quality venues nationwide that only allow strippers with a license.

  • Do we choose the female stripper we want?
    Yes, we will send you pictures of performers in your area via email. So please contact us now.

  • How long is the show?
    The performance will consist of a 20-25min choreographed routine, with time for pictures after the show.

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