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Female Stripper Edinburgh


What is a female strippergram for a stag night in Edinburgh? 

A female strippergram is the perfect addition to your stag night in Edinburgh. They’re a hardy lot amid the hills of Edinburgh and no matter how cold it gets up there, they just love to strip off. Your stag night in this Scottish capital is going to be loads of fun. You’ll have plenty of whisky, the nightlife’s amazing, you’ll eat haggis and hear bagpipes. But no stag night is complete without a strippergram and for that, we’ve got what you need. A female strippergram is there to entertain you and your fellow stags by arriving in a sexy costume and performing a strip routine to music. So, when you think you’ve sampled all Edinburgh has to offer, just wait till you see our sexy strippers, and think again! 

Can we choose the costume for the strippergram? 

Gone are the days when female strippers took on the characters of police women and nurses and not much else. Don’t get us wrong, if that floats your boat you can still book the traditional stag do stripper Edinburgh costumes, but these days the choice is much wider. And yes, that’s right boys, the choice is yours to make. If you want to stick with these old favourites you can go for the service women or the sexy school teacher look. But if you want to bring it up to date and go with something different, we’ve got a good variety. From female superheroes and villains to straight up sexy outfits with stockings and suspenders, we’ve got it all. Book your very own catwoman or a girl in a corset, the choice is yours with a female stripper Edinburgh!

Female Stripper in Edinburgh Gallery

You have to have a stripper at a stag party, with you lot the choice is amazing!! We made a night out of choosing which one we wanted!!
Best weekend with my mates in ages and excellent value for money.
Book with Entertain-ment!! No stress what so ever and I was made to look like a hero for doing all the work!
Felt completely comfortable leaving everything in your very capable hands and you proved me right with the end result!! Stripper was a favourite with the stag!

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