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Alternative Male Strippers


Every hen night needs a male stripper, but you don’t just want the same old boring stripper routine – you want something different! If you’re up for a laugh and want something truly unique at the hen night, you may be interested in our alternative strippers or lookalike strippers. 

There are a few different themes you can choose from when it comes to hiring an ugly male stripper. Most women have a fantasy man, a celebrity whom they secretly fancy, so why not book a celebrity lookalike stripper? Whether she’s bonkers for David Beckham or wild for Will Smith, you can have somebody who looks just like her favourite hunk to turn up at her hen night and perform a striptease just for her! 

If you’d rather just keep it fun and light-hearted, you could opt for a Gangnam Style stripper. That’s right, girls, you could have your very own Psy doing all his famous moves along to his top tune, and performing a little striptease for you while he’s at it! 

Still, if you want some really big laughs – and your bride-to-be isn’t the type to scare easy – you could push the boundaries a little further and book a roly-poly male stripper or even a gorilla-gram for your hen night, or ugly strippers. Watch your hen squirm as she’s confronted with more man than she can handle, or invite a costume-wearing gorilla-gram stripper to terrorize your party! He’ll beat his chest and do his King Kong routine, ready to carry your hen off for his own. Then he’ll perform his gorilla striptease – it’s weird and wonderful in all the right ways! 

Last but not least, we have our dwarf strippers. They might be small, but they know what they’re doing and they’re sure to show you a good time! 

If you prefer, you can hire a traditional male stripper.

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Thanks for your serve it was top notch.Our male stripper was so funny and we would definitely book again with your company. Please pass the message on to him also. Thanks again from all of us.
What a great time, I would not normally book something like this but was worth it.
What a great time, I would not normally book something like this but was worth it.
Just got back and like to say thanks for planning everything for us.

Helpful Information

  • Will your performer come to our house?
    Yes, he can attend your location or if you're having a party within a major city then we can arrange a venue for free.

  • How long will the show last?
    Each act has their own routine, and each performance can last anywhere between 15mins and 25mins. You can also take pictures with your act to share with friends.

  • Can you book any type of male stripper?
    Yes, please contact us with what you require and we will do our best to accommodate you. Alternatively, if you don’t have anything specific in mind, give us a call and we’ll make some suggestions!

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